8These passengers have the opportunity — Society — people.com.cn|These passengers have the opportunity — Society — people.com.cn

"Passenger" Jianlou has 20 opportunity — Society — the people’s daily newspaper Shanghai January 20 – (reporter Chen Wenmin) reporter from the Shanghai Railway Bureau was informed: with immediate effect from the railway ushered in a wave of refund period and need for passengers to buy tickets can keep an eye on 12306 railway customer service website more than ticket information. With the Spring Festival approaching, the refund amount of Shanghai Railway Bureau daily increase, the average has more than 200 thousand. According to provisions of 15 days before (not including) the above ticket refund free of charge to drive, February 4, 5, 6, before the peak of the passenger in the hands of the extra ticket in the near future will gradually withdraw. It is understood, the return ticket will be timely access to the votes in the library, sold in 12306 railway customer service website, every night between 22 to 23 points and morning between 7 to 8 point two time, & nbsp; is chance to purchase higher period, but also the future passenger tickets "Jianlou" a good time. At present, before the Shanghai to Beijing direction of Beijing Shanghai high speed railway and Hangzhou, Nanjing direction of the Shanghai Nanjing, Shanghai Hangzhou high iron is still more than a lot of votes. "People’s Daily" (2016 01, 03, 21 Edition)