8The room has a car monthly income of 20 thousand middle-class families how to manage financial asset|The room has a car monthly income of 20 thousand middle-class families how to manage financial asset

after ten years of struggle, Mr. Shi Lei into the middle class, there is a car, husband and wife have a stable job. Shiller monthly income of 12000 yuan, his wife a monthly income of 8000 yuan, they are tasted the bitter, so the usual expenses to save a month can be save a lot of money. Their biggest worry is that family wealth suddenly shrink, the middle class how to finance?

[case analysis]

family assets: at present, his family assets are worth 3 million real estate, is a loan to buy, also 4000 yuan per month, but also 5 years. The car is new to buy, no loan. Two people have a 6 year old son, immediately read the primary school. Family current deposit 300 thousand.

income: two people add up to 20000 yuan.

spending: Monthly owing on the loan 4000 yuan, 6000 yuan monthly household expenses.

[financial objectives]

to pay off the mortgage; for his son to study abroad, after retirement can still maintain a high quality of life

[financial advice]

1. Financial planning

Mr. Shi financial conservative way, at present his family to bear the risk of a strong, investment can be more bold. He put all 300 thousand of the deposit into the bank for 3 years of deposit, the annual rate of 4.25%, about 12750 yuan a year to return, relatively speaking, low income. Taking into account the future whether the couple pension, or send their son to study abroad, the money is not in the minority, so Mr. Shi must accelerate the speed of the accumulation of wealth. He suggested that the deposit is divided into three:

< p > 5 million investment in the Fund: like the balance of treasure [microblogging], wealth, such as the International Monetary Fund, the biggest advantage is at any time with the use, very convenient, can be used as family life of reserve funds to deal with contingencies.

50 thousand investment bank deposit: bank deposit income is stable, there is no risk, it is prudent financial management, Mr. Shi can save 50 thousand as a means of family assets.

200 thousand investment financial products: buy a higher income of fixed income financial products, such as Yi Sheng wealth Yi Sheng Bao, annual yield of about 20, 10% in case of annual income of 20 thousand yuan. Day after the investment capital more, the income is also more impressive. Wait until more than and 10 years later, his son to study abroad, the family has enough wealth for him.

2. Insurance planning

in order to avoid the risks faced by the family, only ordinary social security is not enough. Mr. Shi’s best to himself and his wife configuration such as personal accident insurance, major disease insurance and so on commercial insurance, for the family to add a safety protection measures. Family insurance costs do not need too much, 1/10 of family income, Mr. Shi invested 20 thousand yuan on the line.