8Pakistan University was attacked by terrorist organizations have killed the Chinese people – Sohu ne|Pakistan University was attacked by terrorist organizations have killed the Chinese people – Sohu ne

University of Pakistan suffered terrorist attack attack organization had killed Chinese – Sohu News Pakistan Pasha Khan University was attacked campus scene photograph: IndiaToday at the bacha Khan University, located in Charsadda, from the city of Peshawar, about 50 km. & nbsp; source: CNN at the bacha Khan University location map source: CNN & nbsp & nbsp; & nbsp; Pakistan, local time on January 20, at nine in the morning, at the bacha Khan University (bacha Khan University encounter gun attack, four attackers broke into the campus. According to the guardian in the Pakistani press reports, Khyber – Pashtun Province Health Minister Shaukat Ali yousafzai said. The attack is currently causing at least 60 people were injured, has confirmed that at least 20 people killed, Pakistani Taliban Tehrik-i-Taliban in Pakistan) has claimed responsibility for the attack, the organization was in 2012 and 2013, killing three Chinese people. & nbsp; & nbsp; according to Agence France Presse reported, Pakistani police said, Beijing time afternoon around 3:35, attacks has ended, the dead students most is a male dormitory students, security police are cleaning up the scene.     as of 3:00 pm Beijing time, BBC said local emergency officials said they found 8 bodies, including 4 security, 1 police, 1 chemistry teachers and 2 female students.     according to BBC, according to the Pakistan police reported that the scene heard two explosions, there is constant fighting, the current 4 attackers have been killed. Although Paxiahan University arranged for security at the main gate, but the terrorists know how to go through the back. Taking advantage of the fog that rises in the morning, terrorists took the opportunity to enter the campus.     an eyewitness who fled the scene told local media Dawn news that the attackers had already occupied the entrance to the school. I saw three attackers fighting the school security, an attacker on the roof, a close to the corner, there is a person close to the wall. We managed to rescue the school security guard, and then I saw the attacker and then rushed to the police fighting."     Ahmed Zahoor, another geology major, said he wanted to get out of the building after hearing the shots, but a chemistry teacher stopped him and his classmates, and the teacher had a pistol in his hand. Since 2014, Pakistan has allowed teachers to carry weapons. & nbsp; & nbsp; Pakistani Taliban Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) is an entrenched in northwest Pakistan Islamic militant group, was in February 2012 killed a Chinese woman, once in June 2013 killed two Chinese mountain climbers.     Paxiahan University, located in the northwest of Pakistan city in Pakistan Peshawar City, Charsadda, distance load