8NPC deputies suggested early start of personal information protection legislation – Sohu news|NPC deputies suggested early start of personal information protection legislation – Sohu news

NPC deputies suggested: the early start of personal information protection legislation – Sohu news National People’s Congress, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications president Yang Zhen did not expect their own motion can cause so many representatives of the resonance. His motion is to recommend the state as soon as possible to start the legislation of personal information protection law. As a well-known domestic communications experts, Yang Zhen has also encountered trouble. He often received a sales call, each other can often use first names, such as "will ask you to be president Yang? This can be deceiving ". Yang Zhen so far do not know where their information is leaked out of the. He said that before the communications industry by the state strict control, you have to check the information of others, that is absolutely not allowed, and now online what can be checked". Yang Zhen also found that the Internet will often have information push, users’ preferences and information are collected. Information disclosure there is a big risk, the faster the development of science and technology, the risk will be more and more big. Memorial said that with the development of science and technology, the technology of big data can through a specific algorithm from the existing information in the excavation of new conclusion, which not only increased the risk of exposing sensitive information may also be used in the decision will affect the rights and interests of individuals. Internet of things era is coming, it brings convenience to us at the same time, also hidden risks. For example, he said, "you carry a health monitor, monitor blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar these personal information, but it is networking. If there’s no good protection on the Internet, people can know about you, except you ". This makes Yang Zhen feel panic, if the community does not have some kind of rules and regulations, there is no law, sooner or later will be a major event. Virtual world to normal operation must be orderly, there are corresponding rules and regulations and constraints". Memorial said, the United States at the end of the last century introduced the "electronic privacy law, the EU introduced the" big data protection law ", including citizens with information is what how acquisition, how to store, transport, who have the right to publish and access. It proves that the western developed countries have realized the virtual world and the real world, people’s privacy and personal data to be strictly protected. The development speed of the Internet in China to make the world shocked, not only the size of the user and the market is huge, the service is also widely, in some ways even beyond the United states. But let Yang Zhen surprise, the Internet is so developed in China, although there are a lot of laws and regulations of the Internet, but in the protection of personal information is almost no". Yang Zhen believes that these laws more in disorder, and not a system, a number of departments is the "Kowloon flood". As a result, more and more people’s rights and interests will be violated. Therefore, he suggested that the country start early personal information protection law legislation. (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Li Chao)