8January schedule analysis two times 7 days 5 rocket Knight into six passengers|January schedule analysis two times 7 days 5 rocket Knight into six passengers

January schedule analysis: Rocket twice 7 days 5 fights Knight into six warriors rockets vs the ball five good hotpot Howard big hat salute Mutombo Tencent sports January 2 hearing, NBA official website wrote to analyze in a race, the Rockets have two 7 days 5 match tough fixtures, and the Knights will usher in their season with the longest road trip, from January 7 to 16 days to 6 months away. Following is a Western Union, it’s worth mentioning January schedule: Note: B2B back-to-back matches, OB2B against the opponent’s back to back a second screenings, opct rival’s current total winning percentage. For winning more than half of the opponent number, & lt;. For winning not more than half the opponent number, OORK for average ranking scores of every 100 rounds in hand, ODRK as the average rank of opponent lost points per 100 possessions, ONetRtg opponents per 100 possessions loss difference of average ranking. · 14 and 9 January the home court, the 14 in 7 is the second back-to-back opponent. · the Spurs and the warriors first met in January 26th, but not back in second. · the Mavericks played 5 games in 7 days (January 13th to 19), where 4 of the opponents of the defense were the top five of the league. & middot; Denver usher in season the length of successive home trip, from January 11 to 26, and even hit eight home games, but the winning percentage of eight opponents is more than 50%. · warriors 7 days to play 5 games (from January 9th to 15), count the Spurs, they will continue to play 5 defense into the top ten of the team. · the Rockets play 5 games for the 7 time (from January 13th to January 19th, the other is from January 31st to January 25th). · the Clippers in late January will usher in the 7 day 5 game trip to the east coast, 4 of them winning 5 more than win 4 games. · Memphis not back-to-back games in January. · the sun in January only 14 games, but from January 6th to 7 between the 22 opponents in 6 of the defense into the League before ten. · from the beginning of January 21st, the pioneers will enter the 12 home of the 14 home comfort. · the king played 5 games for 7 days (from January 21st to 26). · the Jazz played 5 games for 7 days (from January 5th to 11). Below is the eastern conference worth mentioning January schedule: & middot; magic and Toronto on January 15, will play the London Games, count the magic home. · the eagle 5 days 7 (January 16th to 22), and something about. · Celtic 6 days 9 (from January 11th to 24), including 5 day 4. · bull 5 day 4 (from January 12th to 16). & middot; knight ushered in the season the longest road trip, make six away from January 7 to 16, but only the Mavericks and Spurs winning more than 50%. ·)