8China’s first female driver in a car accident was ridiculed as long as the money can be participatin|China’s first female driver in a car accident was ridiculed as long as the money can be participatin

China’s first female driver motor vehicle crashes being ridiculed as long as the money can be competing [Abstract] Guo Meiling accident in Argentina triggered a huge response, many Internet users in Argentina even scoffing: "China take part in the rally. This is horrible, I hope the car is made in China." Others said: "as long as the money can participate, do not know why she was sponsored." Because of the accident, Guo Meiling of Dakar is full of expectations into a helpless and sad. Dakar China’s first female driver in a car accident 13 passers-by were injured Guo Meiling is the first Chinese female driver in the rally in Dakar, one is the point, 47 year old she had to create history. Can be unpredictable weather, local time on January 2nd morning, Guo Meiling driving the 360 car in qualifying 6.6 km jump landing control, out of the track, resulting in more than and 10 people were injured. Her first trip to Dakar, this end. Reporter reported expected in sustained two weeks, is divided into 13 station, full-length 95 km in Dakar Rally Game exhibition style of the Chinese female driver Guo Meiling, race also did not participate in the accidents. On January 3, publicly driver from Buenos Aires of start their brave adventure, Guo Meiling has no chance. Because such a major accident, she cannot avoid responsibility, herself and severely damaged the car to stay in place, accept a routine survey of Argentine judicial department and some medical tests. Dakar rally on the first Chinese women warriors, in advance of the end of the first 6.6 km of the qualifying track. 2 am, 2016 rally in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Dakar science and Technology Museum held a symbolic departure ceremony. On the afternoon of the same day, racing vehicles in 11 km of qualifying, and then will be relocated more than 200 kilometers outside of the city of Rosario, 3 days morning race will begin. The qualifying stage is located not far from Rosario at Memphis, the city 180 kilometers away from Buenos Aires. The entire qualifying are dirt roads, and roads potholed, Guo Meiling is on a slope at. Accident is local time at 5:59 in the afternoon, when the accident occurred, Guo Meiling mini car speed of 147 kilometers per hour. Due to the uneven road surface, a slope, and is a curve, Guo Meiling’s mini car suddenly jumped up, because the speed is too fast, when landing, Guo Meiling has lost control of the car, the mini car slip out of its lane to the spectators on the roadside to hit. At the moment of the accident, Augustin ·, Argentina’s driver, was a witness. The 25 year old Khanna Piro, he happened to Areisi Faith. "In a second," he said, "in a second, it would be hell. Chinese female driver’s car when the slope jump very high, because their body is heavy, it is hard to rebound. At that time I was about one hundred meters from the incident, a lot of people have seen. The mini car jumped more than any other, and when it came down, the driver lost control of the car, and the car hit the curb. It was just a nightmare." The former Argentina Dakar Rally Racer Juan · Andreas · carlisle.