8British media to remind the United States to be careful to build a military base in Djibouti, China|British media to remind the United States to be careful to build a military base in Djibouti, China

British media to remind us to watch out for the Chinese in Djibouti built military base data figure: the Chinese navy in Djibouti supplies docked & nbsp; according to Reuters on January 12, reports, although China and the United States at present in Africa are involved in the still shallow, but the two countries are ready to go, intends to become more deeply and directly cooperate with Africa, this unprecedented developments will reshape the African continent. The move to China is a feast for the United States is more like a famine. And China will build its first overseas military base in Djibouti example is a good example of this. The research of Clermont, Tocqueville forum and Bradley fund researcher James? Poulos (James Poulos) in the article said, the United States should therefore feel nervous. As a former colony of France, Djibouti has an important strategic significance. The country and across the sea from Yemen, choke the Red Sea into the hub of the Indian Ocean, southeast border with Somalia, southwest, northwest and West on three sides adjacent to Ethiopia, Eritrea and northern border. The commander of the U.S. Africa Command, Admiral David (Gen Rodrigues?. Rodriguez David) to the United States, "Capitol Hill" admitted that China is about to build a "material hub" and the airport will make China in the first 10 years of the contract period to expand its capacity and scope of influence in africa". At present, China is up in the Jibutige port range of maritime patrol. In Africa, China not only to find the export market, but also to find employment opportunities and land resources, these are the key elements of sustainable economic development. As the 2015 12 month non – Cooperation Forum shows, China wants to ensure its privileges in cooperation with Africa. Although it is difficult to reach a consensus on the specific details of the forum, but China is committed to the forum, will provide $60 billion in funding to africa. In Chinese unimpeded, clear and accurate to the pursuit of economic and financial interests, carry out the corresponding military and political process, the United States is tied hands and feet chaotic security situation is a mess. China is in sub Saharan Africa to sign lucrative and far-reaching orders, while the United States not only did not affect the expansion to the region, but also by the volatile situation in the northern region of africa. Internship compile: Wei Xinye reviewer: Nie Lubin editor: Wang Jinzhi SN100