8Anhui wounding the man fled 25 years bleaching millions of Veterans|Anhui wounding the man fled 25 years bleaching millions of Veterans

Anhui: wounding the man fled 25 years "bleaching" into millions of veterans, the original title: Fugitive wounding 25 years "bleaching" into millions of veterans in an online news according to Anhui Daily News, 25 years ago, Bengbu Cameron (a pseudonym) because of a trivial and others dispute, knife continuous seriously injured three people, and then fled. For 25 years, Cameron hiding Henan Xinxiang, bleached his identity, not only in the local settled married, having children and into the net worth of millions, the company’s boss, but over the years, he has been afraid and family contact, every holiday can only be alone, think of the pro tears. In March 20th this year, Wu Bengbu City Street police station Huaishang District drove to the Xinxiang City, arrested him. Houses up disputes 23 year old guy to stabbing 1991 November 6, Bengbu City Wu Xiao Jie, Zhenyuan Han Cun only 23 years old of a small group of home, home after listening to his mother said houses in the home in the afternoon, the neighbor Zhang’s brother said accounted for them a scale. Mother to find the other party theory, the two sides quarrel, Zhang’s brother also mother pushed to the pond. Cameron after listen to great anger, and brother-in-law Ge Moumou with knives, sticks to the neighbor’s house, facing the Zhang brothers and another person a meal cut to fight, the forensic identification, two people injured one person slightly injured. Ge Moumou soon was seized by the police, but Zhang Xiaoqun fled to Not the least trace was found. Public security organs repeatedly organized police to trace their tracks, but have not been able to break through. As the hunt for the work difficult, by the Public Security Bureau Huai online pursuit. Abscond 25 years suspects recently arrested in 2014, Interpol born gerbillon from transferred to Criminal Police Brigade Wu Street police station instructor, he in carding area online fugitives, attention has been focused on Cameron’s case, after more than a year of investigation, and finally locked Cameron has been living in Xinxiang City, Henan Province, the identity of the bleached. March 18 morning, the police task force braved the fog drove nine hours rushed to Xinxiang, in Cameron living area of squatting ambush waiting, Cameron night zero just home captured. After the night trial, Zhang Xiaoqun completely account of the crime of the year. According to the police, after the incident, Cameron from Bengbu fled to Shandong, Henan and other places, picking up waste, Yaochang move brick, site carry a gray, slept in the shed, drill pipe. 1998 Cameron in Xinxiang, Henan Province with a local woman met and married, and gave birth to a sub a female, then hide their identity, to find people and in the local re into account, the bleaching of their identity. For his family, Cameron to learn decoration craft, a few years will in Xinxiang City purchased commercial housing and a dressing room, also set up a decoration company, when the boss, this asset accumulation million yuan. This year less than 50 years old, Cameron has graying, appears very old, he told police, 17 year old daughter have high school, son of 10 years old, was in elementary school. He even when the boss, but every day in fear, for fear that the day the police came to the door, 25 years never dare to talk with family contact, the annual Spring Festival missed my mother when, can only secretly hide in unmanned tears, now then the impulse to feel very sorry, but have regrets the late to take a tumble. Source: in an online Author: Zhang Cheng, Si Congjun, Su Yi