89Zhou Ting told fans say goodbye bye! Goodbye you lovely Beijing sports Sohu|Zhou Ting told fans say goodbye bye! Goodbye you lovely Beijing sports Sohu4

Zhou Ting said goodbye to the fans: farewell! Lovely you see Beijing sports Sohu   in November 10, 2016, Guoan played 11 seasons of veteran Zhou Ting, on the social networking platform formally to the national security and to support his goodbye, GUOAN FANS expressed their gratitude, Zhou Ting will be the fans known as "the most lovely of you", which shows the the deep feelings. Zhou Ting this year is the 37 year old veteran, he is one of the few still active in the super Stadium "80" players, occupation career after the team, and in Shenzhen Jianlibao harvest League, the national team. The 2005 season joined the national security, as the main right back for the first League crown made distinctions won in battle for national security received. In the long term lack of national reserve reserve team, Zhou Ting in the past ten years has almost always been the main national security right back, and very few injuries. At the time of youth has become the focus of the referee because of violent temper care focus, after joining the national security will soon converge. However, it is precisely because of the upright and straightforward character, Zhou Ting in a 11 year career by Beijing Guoan fans, also by fans "is God" nickname. The 2016 season, with the supplement of some of the new force and growth of the younger players, 37 year old Zhou Ting has become a frequent visitor to the bench, before the end of the season, Zhou Ting decided to bid farewell to the League Guoan, at the end of the round, suspended Zhou Ting in the house by his teammates lined up to salute the fans gave expression to the veteran applause. The 11 years of thanks. This morning, Zhou Ting wrote on the social networking platform: "goodbye dear friends! Lovely you goodbye! Goodbye lovely Beijing! Thank you for eleven years, I will smile to face new challenges! Good luck to you all!" At present, Zhou Ting did not choose to retire, love the pitch he wants to continue playing, is seeking a new occupation team contract, even if it is in a happy or enjoying playing. (Z)