88Jiangsu kendiya European Champions League team lost tour promotion|Jiangsu kendiya European Champions League team lost tour promotion0

Jiangsu kendiya European Champions League team lost tour promotion since September 5th, Jiangsu kendiya men’s basketball team to Slovenia for the European tour imperceptibly passed more than half a month. During this period, the men’s basketball team and kendiya from Slovenia, Russia, Czech and Turkey’s team conducted a series of warm-up matches, to find and solve problems in the training team at the same time, to better prepare for the new season CBA. [] a strong opponent lost the Champions League semi-final team Cuban went to Europe with the Jiangsu men’s basketball team for the first time in history, so the team cherish this opportunity. Local time on September 6th, Cartier men’s basketball all the soldiers have not had time to fall time, began the first training session, ready for the first warm-up match — came to Europe from Slovenia first league team Kurt Sen (Sencur). The team has more than Slovenia Sen Kurdish national team and the national youth team players, is a good team. In this game, only a "spare tire for foreign aid Macdonald Cartier men’s basketball team played very hard, but still regret lost 88:98. Veteran Chen Lei scored 19 points, of which a total of three points in the cast of 3 in the vote, Liu Wei, and so on, such as the score of the people, who are also more than 15 points in the score of more than 5 points,, and so on. After that, through the efforts of training basketball kendiya side to enhance the competitive level, while through the high level of warm-up to find and solve the problem. The team met with Turkey team Banvit, Russian teams Cuban locomotive and Slovenia team LTH Castings, Olimpija Ljubljana, Helios Suns and Czech Nymburk league teams such as fights, and achieved three a convincing victory, members of the state is getting better and better. Among them, the Turkey Banvit is in the Europa League team, Cuban locomotive team in Russia is one of the Champions League semi-finals last season. When kendiya and the two in the men’s basketball teams played against, play extremely tenacious, but after the overall strength and physical aspects of the gap is relatively large, generally in the second half to keep up with the rhythm of the opponent, eventually lost. Men’s basketball coach kendiya group said, the European team played organized and trained with regularity. In the game, they pass the ball and the sense of space is very good, the shot is firm, the play mentality is also very open. So, and this high level of team play warm-up match, we can find the gap, find a place to need to learn and improve, which is also the purpose and significance of the European tour. [gain] team get all-round improvement according to the plan, the European team kendiya tour will end on September 30th. During this period, the team will still work hard at the local level, and a number of high-level European teams to play warm-up match. The zipper, especially when playing a warm-up match, the team captains kendiya noted that the European team physical, tough, very aggressive attack. And these are for the Chinese team, are ming!