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Generalshine comment: Lippi what to do – Sports – people.com.cn Lippi came to China football. This time the identity of the Chinese national team coach, this is not important. This time the work is "fire", this is the most important. Does he understand the work? Should understand what is called "silver fox"! But there are three more questions. First, did he do it well? Second, the key point, he can do it? Third, to make it clear that he did? The first question, ask him to come to think that he can do well, in some people’s eyes, Lippi omnipotent. The latter two questions, ask him to come to the people no matter so much, because the first question with a firm answer, the other is not a problem. But in fact it may not be the case. Lippi has coached teams successful experience and experience, the world cup champion Italy team and the AFC Champions League League, Super League champions Guangzhou Evergrande can testify for him, no doubt. Lippi has coached the team experience and The weak overcame the strong. experience? I do not know the Italy Football Association, or asked the Chinese football association. First of all, Lippi must find out of fire, the fire and the fire, to know how the fire burned up, the fire for what, at least to control the fire, the fire relief. However, to understand why the football world marshal Chinese again and again to face the "fire" of the crisis, is not easy. There is no less than the world soccer investment Chinese football, but not everything is ready, only under marshal. A long-term huge manpower, but always can not realize the dream of football country, must have deeper ills. A four flat three negative, dreams dashed again and again, a good thing also hope not, often think of danger into opportunity, please fire". Too many people repeat the last time, and create the next. Secondly, regardless of the Italy team, or Guangzhou Hengda, Lippi took over is not critical. On the contrary, the team has a strong base strength, his task is to go up the stairs. Although this is not easy to do, the final step is sometimes more difficult than the first step. In the process of the impact of the nature, the first step out of the subjective efforts, the last step is to break through the limitations of opponents. The overall lack of strength of the Chinese football because of sluggish time too long, it is easy to run into a sprint, thought into the top 12, the next step is to enter the next World Cup, almost forget how lucky to get on the bus". Lippi to do is not homeopathy, because the potential there are too many "think" ingredients. Nevertheless, the Chinese team for the first time had a world cup coach, which in the past can not expect things. Over the years, a large number of Chinese football players in the club face to face the world champion coach level of advice, which is never in the past, and even the top 12 opponents do not have a lot of education". Now to return to the China team in the 12 season of the situation, even if the target transfer back to the realistic position, no longer entangled in the wire or not, just to play a few games look good game, Lippi can do this thing? In this sense, he has 6 games in the blank can be filled, ten million to write ah! (commissioning editor Hao Shuai and Yang Lei)