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Australia and the Asia Pacific planes game for the first seven will qualify for six Chinese Legion – Sohu sports October 7th, the eighth session of the Asia Pacific amateur championship in South Korea Jack? Niklaus Golf Club launched the second round of the competition, Australian player Bret? Very stable klaette performance, second round tie rod 67 round rod (-5), total score of -10. Leading the list. The same from Australia, the first round of Cameron, leading to the second round of play to see a slight decline in the two rounds of -9 results in the living in the second of the people in the world, the first round of the second round of. The seven Chinese players first round of mediocre face pressure second round cut line, showed slightly improved, Jincheng to two rounds of 144 bar is located in T15, Zhang Huachuang in the second round of 69 bar, 142 bar two scores in T9, currently in the Chinese players is the highest rank. While the other five China players in addition to Tianlong, enter into the third round of the competition, the results were: Lin Yu Xin (144 bar, T15), Yuan Yechun (145 bar, T17), Ye Wocheng (147 bar, T25), six Kevin (148 bar, T31). Colette Bret Bret?? Colette scorecard leading player Bret? Who won the intercontinental Championship Colette Australia, has appeared in China stadium, 2013 Chinese Fangshan? Changyang Amateur Golf Championship was tenth. The 2016 Asia Pacific Amateur Championship two rounds of performance is also very good, the first round of the 67 bar so that the results are stable in the first legion. The second round of Bret? Klaette from cave 10, starting in 14, although the Bogee swallow hole number 17, but the 15 hole Eagle made up of 2 Bogee losses, 3, 9, 11, final 13, 18 holes catch birds make scores locked at 67 bar, also let the two after sitting on the top of the seat. Cameron Davies (right)? Cameron? Davies scorecard another Australian player Cameron? Davies, the first round of perfect performance in the second round of cooling slightly, the first hole tee appeared straight left, the ball landed in the fairway grass bunker on the left front, caused trouble to attack Guo Ling, in a stable state of mind, second bar hit behind the green, the ultimate success of par. After this hole, Cameron? Davies was relieved, the first 9 artillery + stable Tuirang hole 3 bird 1 Bogee once lead, but after the transfer, before putting performance is not so robust, during the game seems to have some hesitation, but this time Cameron? Davies cut pole began to play power, make up the push rod a little less. After 10, No. 14, No. fifteenth hole hole to swallow Bogee, just grabbed nine first birds, but in the 16 hole again swallow Bogee, before trying to be not worth mentioning. However, the show has just begun, the highlights of Davies appeared in the 17 hole, the edge of the green of a beautiful pole, by surprise the grabbed 9 of the second birds. Immediately after the 18 hole, five hole, Davies opened the ball to the left side of the fairway rough, but the precision of the 2 iron, a ball thrown himself, firepower, the ball firmly placed in the distance of 4 yards, but the lack of feeling let the eagle missed putt the ball the chance to catch.