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Zou Shiming served as the punch force promotion alliance will push the new fighter training plan – Sports Sohu   just won WBO flyweight world champion gold belt of the Chinese fighter Zou Shiming in November 10th in Shanghai, announced a joint promotion event people joined China first occupation Boxing League — the punch force of alliance, the future Zou Shiming will co Sheng Top Rank force family, together for the Chinese occupation fighters to create a more professional platform to provide a broader space for development. In November 5th, Zou Shiming in the United States of Las Vegas Thomas Mark sports center with obvious advantage points against Thailand’s Papom WBO, won the flyweight world champion gold belt, completed the transformation from the Olympic champion to perfect occupation champion, won his gold belt dream. But compared with Japan, Philippines, Chinese really participate in boxing and occupation number strength impact gold belt boxer have significant gaps still exist. This is Zou Shiming after a gold belt, an important reason involved in the occupation boxing promotion activities. At present Chinese the occupation boxing is still in the initial stage, compared with the world level there are obvious deficiencies, only in the number of registered boxers with Japan and Philippines is still not a small gap, which shows that there are a lot of work to do in the promotion of the project, the invited to serve as the punch force of joint promotion alliance in the third quarter, is expected to promote boxing contribution to their strength." Zou shiming. Zou Shiming said he will be at every stage of the corresponding set of goals for themselves, has become the world champion is his biggest dream. "The moment this dream, in fact everything has zero, defending, even across organizational challenges which will be a part of my future plan, but at the same time, I also hope to see more and more friends join their side, looking forward to the future more and more in the pursuit of boxing dream on the road the" brothers "together." "Compared to a few years ago, now there are many more people concerned about boxing, which is gratifying progress, the next step we need to do is to allow more people to participate in the sport. In the first two quarters of the punch force of League, there have been many young fighters very powerful, including this one in Las Vegas debut Xu Finch, indicating that the punch force of alliance is a dream of the starting point, hoping to make an effort to promote the development of China boxing in the future." Zou Shiming in the future will continue to strive for the promotion and popularization of the sport of boxing, boxing hall and contains the theme of Zou Shiming young fighter training programs are in the planning, soon will be officially launched. Punch force alliance third season will be officially started in Shanghai Tennis Center on the evening of November 11th, a press conference after weighing ceremony. Event organizers said, the third quarter competition will be more brutal single elimination, in addition, including boxing baby and promotion of a series of events surrounding supporting activities will have a comprehensive upgrade. (Sohu sports Pei Li) (source: Sohu sports)