85Yanbian Guoan home court magic outbreak revenge AFC Champions League qualification for a slim chance|Yanbian Guoan home court magic outbreak revenge AFC Champions League qualification for a slim chance4

Yanbian Guoan home court magic outbreak revenge AFC Champions League qualification for a slim chance of survival? Sohu 3-0 Yanbian Guoan sports IL maz score against Yanbian Guoan home court to celebrate, even easily gain victory with unstained swords scored 3 points, only 35 minutes of great advantage 3-0. There is no doubt that this is the national security of the season the most very touching, play the most outstanding game. Low-spirited, a long time, with this great victory back to its former glory. Before the game, the national security is facing many difficulties, which also makes the promotion, is not optimistic about the people. National security home made only 4 wins, 3 draws and 4 negative record, ranked in the first place in the super countdown. The past’s home court God blocks deicide, won "undefeated" reputation, but this season’s home court but completely reduced to a sick cat, which is unexpected. It is because of the poor performance of the national security of the season, so the majority of fans of the capital with deep hatred and resentment. Even reduced to 50 yuan tickets 4 tickets are No one shows any interest in point, stadium water actually to take the gift of takeaway newspaper. Was very hot, the ball should be reduced to national security, such fields, which hurt the heart of the guards. In addition to national security also trapped in the player contract, including Zhang Xizhe, Yu Dabao and Zhang Chengdong these players, with the successful renewal, next season will continue to stay in the team, but also attracted the attention of people. It is because of national security into all sorts of problems, also has become the order of underdog, many people are not optimistic about the national security team. But the country is in such a severe situation, ushered in the outbreak! National security in the contest with the Yanbian team, fully demonstrated the combat effectiveness. Ma IL Zimei two eye-catching performance, the continuation of the high light recent performance, Augusto also score. Only 35 minutes, the national security will get a huge advantage 3-0! Who can think of, long-term downturn in the country, but now once broke out! The rest of the game, with the final show Guoan, easily keep the 3-0 victory, won the victory. It is worth mentioning that this win also tied the record to win the biggest score of the season of the national security. Guoan game at Greentown, once the score of 3-0 to easily pass away; the FA Cup match against Xinjiang Guoan, still with 3-0 fully and delightfully victory. But the national security of these 2 victories, are made in the road, this time the National Stadium to give the opponent the lowest consumption, no doubt more gratifying. Guoan home court 3-0 win over the Yanbian team, the team showed a good competitive state, which also feel joy. This country back brave state in the body, let the team ranked among the top five super league standings with 36 points, and third, 4 teams only 6 points behind, there is a glimmer of hope for AFC Champions League qualification. The FA Cup on the battlefield, Suning, Hengda in the super final, two double title, AFC Champions League, AFC Champions League tickets Heng Dasu Ning has in fact ahead of the scheduled 2 2017 season. Therefore, in the third, 4 will be the last super AFC Champions League qualifying suspense. Although the national security is still lagging behind Shanghai clubs 6 points, but the League still remaining 5 round, variables still exist. Just)