85The impact of the new season harden scoring + assists first beat him again|The impact of the new season harden scoring + assists first beat him again9

The impact of the new season harden scoring + assists? First beat him and harden to do? James · harden in the past 3 preseason games were sent out 10 times, 11 times and 15 assists, averaging 12 assists ranked preseason first assists. He also averaged 23.3 points in the preseason scoring list of the top second. Under new coach Mike · Turney’s attack system, harden themselves. That some people have a bold assumption, harden can swept the scoring and assists? ESPN rockets with team reporter Watkins has such expectations. The history of the NBA is only one star completed this feat, it is the 1972-73 season, Nate · Archibald. The nickname "elf" when he played king, played crazy data averaged 34 points and 11.4 assists, scored in scoring and assists. After him, although NBA the emergence of numerous stars, but no people like him to complete the same season swept the scoring and assists. Chamberlain had been expected to accomplish this feat, he worked as the 7 leading scorer in the 1967-68 season, his total assists ranked first in the league, but averaged 8.6 assists ranked second, in addition to his ability to score down. Anderson and Gordon Jean Harden Shua assists easier now, harden ushered in a golden opportunity. Harden last season, averaging 29 points and 7.5 assists, ranking second in the league in scoring, behind Erwin. His assists per game ranked sixth in front of him, including Westbrook, Rondo and Rubio, Paul waldo. In Turney’s tactical system, harden is regarded as ball control guard, control a ball. From the current momentum, the impact of the regular season assists Haddon very big hope. In the early summer Turney said, harden’s ability to pass to be underestimated, is expected to reach an average of 12 to 13 times. Now it seems that this is true Dante ni. The Rockets in Turney system, greatly enhance the offensive firepower, Ryan Anderson and Eric · · Gordon, also let harden brush assists more easily. "He released Cappella Kon Harden (Harden) is a great passer, can in any way instigated the attack, this is the reason why he could become the guard. He has a strong sense of court. He is one of the strongest players in the league." Harden Turney has added to the praise. Many people start to ask, harden will become the next Nash. Danteni said harden is harden. "He’s going to be the next James · harden, Nash is Nash, harden just needs to be himself, and it’s great." The new season assists double harden easily, and he was the biggest competitor to Rondo Chicago, Wade Butler and Jimmy · side; the ball is greatly reduced, assists certainly decline. Paul and I have the mining potential assists. Harden got assists great hope. Will Harden still be able to hit the scoring? Curitiba, new season scoring is doomed to decline).