84The Asian mountain racing challenge will be fired in Guizhou Jinsha|The Asian mountain racing challenge will be fired in Guizhou Jinsha2

The Asian mountain racing challenge will be shot in Guizhou in September after the Guizhou Jinsha Jinsha Town, cool and pleasant, the Asian mountain race on this run. After the September Guizhou Jinsha County town cool cool, picturesque. This town will be 25 this month, ushered in the annual session, everyone looking forward to the "special occasion" – Asian mountain racing challenge. By then, there will be from Russia, South Korea, Nepal, Mongolia, India and other 14 countries and regions, and more than 10 provinces and cities, 18 teams, a total of more than 30 teams participated in the second session of the 2016 Chinese · Guizhou · the Asian mountain racing challenge. The game will break the town past quiet, ushered in the spectacular exciting. It is reported that this event is the "strategic decision to create innovative cultural tourism area, big health industry, national characteristics of mountain outdoor sports province province, Mountain Provincial Park, to further enhance the China · Guizhou · the Asian mountain racing challenge brand advantage, relying on the landscape resources of Jinsha, sports tourism fusion development path out of a with the characteristics of" Jinsha fusion, to promote the body of the brigade brigade ", to promote the sports consumption, promote tourism development, realize the integration of sports tourism development goals, boost the Jinsha tourism" blowout "growth. 2013, 2014, after the town with good mountain resources held two consecutive national mountain racing challenge, 2015, held the first session of Chinese upgrade · Guizhou · the Asian mountain racing challenge, attracted many foreign players to participate, at the same time, also introduced two major river systems after the town territory belong to Wujiang basin and three Zhang River Valley to the outside visitors, the ecological tourism resources in "three Zhang water" as the representative of the provincial Forest Park, water and coastal resources in Wujiang as the representative of the three, with the success of the Red Army crossed the Wujiang River and Dadukou of our party early hidden outstanding leaders, on the front of the Central Military Commission, Deputy Secretary General of the original long by Zhou Enlai the prime minister called "Longtan Sanjie" one of the martyrs cemetery Qianzhuang as a symbol of the red cultural resources, after the mountain town, as the representative of the Eastern Han Dynasty tomb The history of historical and cultural resources and tourism resources in Guizhou province is famous, the mountains, water, forests, lakes, caves, waterfalls and ecological summer and red culture as a whole, "colorful Guizhou" the epitome of red tourism products, known as the "Bijie East Room" reputation. The challenge will be by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, Chinese mountaineering Mountaineering Association, Guizhou Province Sports Bureau, Bijie Municipal People’s Government hosted by the Guizhou provincial Mountaineering Association, Bijie sports radio, press and Publication Bureau, Bijie City Tourism Bureau, the county people’s Government hosted by the county sports broadcasting Tourism Bureau, Jinsha County after the town people’s government, CO sponsored enterprises. Following the 2015 this year will be held the second Asian mountain racing challenge, will be two projects to race up and lift the race race. Race up the route length of 6.3 kilometers, elevation 490 meters, lifting the cup women’s group: the route length of about 40 km, a total climb about 1800 meters; the man lift.