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[really] sister ball trick Football Association selected home court The weak overcame the strong. see what? [news] China 0-0 Iran Zengcheng back injury Wu Lei missed pole to guide the high country foot re referral examination! 12 rounds before the end game, A group is located in the country, now topped the list of the South Korean team is not the Iran team, the Uzbekistan team but not somewhere. Two and get 1 points of football being ranked fourth points, is naturally happy, I do not know home court 0-0 Iran, fans are satisfied? Design lines: feel the pressure of class. High guidance once again resorted to 5 defenders, who eventually got the game 1 points. But the defense is ready, we can attack it in a complete mess, compared to 16 shots in Iran, only 5 foot shot in the foot. Two teams shoulder the important task of the team Wu Lei, but many times to waste the opportunity, after the high performance of the guidance of its refusal to make evaluation. Although the current national football striker Zhang Yuning 1 people, but their high guidance is not no one available, want to have a breakthrough, high guiding the adjusted attack! Wu Lei in front of the melee Miss interestingly, although Wu Lei in the 12 race lost the single opportunity, but in the Super League Golden boot of the competition, the Gambling company to the odds are high second, second only to galat. The League AFC Champions League soon, Wu Lei still need to find the reason, or "Civil War Battle of King Wu ball, wave shot king of the hat can not afford to pick up. Design lines: shoot hot eyes, the baby can not believe! And Lei Lei partner of the first Zhang Yuning, the Chinese team in the game, the only shot a very threatening shot, the ability and physical quality of the fans to see the full hope. Field harvest reputation, Zhang Yuning is also the winner of the otc. At the age of 19, Zhang Yuning received the admission notice of East China Normal University, the new semester will become a new school of social development. But after playing 12 strong match, Zhang Yuning and hurried back to the Eredivisie for this class problem how to solve it, you need a remote education? Design lines: refused to hype, concentrate on playing football. With Iran, Shenyang is still the Chinese football paradise. Of course, this time, is said to be a comprehensive upgrade renovation for turf increase "Fu" a lot of land. Before also very smooth lawn, did not take long to start playing around a grass mud, such that face job also affected Xi’an home court. Xi’an broke the news broke the venue, the football association may take emergency plans to replace the venue. Of course, the candidate city Wuhan, Changsha still is Chinese football paradise. The election is the first place or look at the site? Do not worry about the Chinese Football Association can give an answer? Design lines: do not seem silly, of course, is to look at the distance. National foot in October home game with Syria, is a battle of 3 points. But, I was regarded as the weakest team, even without home court in Syria, but tenacious draw with South Korea, but also to pass out of the secret – grass lying The weak overcame the strong. tactics. "Syria grass lying" draw with South Korea, Chinese can do? Do you think we are not cunning, do a 90 minute spot or not! Design line: which team to "grass grass" war, first with me! The 12 game is coming to an end