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Should not stop the infusion? Sohu Health recently, there are a lot of media attention to the reform of Jiangsu, a move that is more than two of the hospital to stop the ordinary adult outpatient infusion. Some experts believe that the fluid is a classic, effective treatment, treatment and had saved the lives of many patients in the out-patient, now get rid of this effective treatment, wisdom and science? Do you need to go back to the past a needle, a herbal green medical era? I personally believe that the current measures to suspend adult outpatient infusion, may also be a transitional behavior and measures, mainly in present Chinese most hospital abuse of antibiotics and abuse of fluid problems. As far as many hospitals are concerned, there is no need to use 70%-80% at the adult clinic. The problem of abuse of antibiotics and the use of fluids is not only the problem of high cost of health care, but more importantly, many medical consequences. Here, we don’t have paralepsis. For patients who really need fluid replacement, into the emergency room and ward treatment, can be solved. At present, our hospital has stopped outpatient infusion three months, all the reactions are relatively normal, but also shows that the suspension of the clinic is essential to suspend fluid. Of course, we believe that the strict management of outpatient infusion as a management measures, also need to gradually improve the place to be in the gradual deepening and supporting health care reform to solve the following.