83Return! Say goodbye to Milan 4 years be Juve – Sohu sports history|Return! Say goodbye to Milan 4 years be Juve – Sohu sports history1

Return! Say goodbye to Milan be 4 years history of Sohu (Sohu Juventus sports sports exclusive product without permission is forbidden) when Donnarumma in ninety-sixth minutes after flying from Emmanuel Khedira shot dead straight single palm, Milan teammates around it clung to the door has bailed out the Rossoneri future to celebrate this victory, but on the stand of Galliani is his gaffe passion roars. It was a hard won victory, and the Milan fans have been waiting for this moment for so long. The victory has been a long wait for the Milan fans. The last time the Rossoneri beat Juventus back in exactly four years ago, in November 26th, when Milan with a controversial penalty opponent 1-0. After the 9 meetings in Milan have even defeated shame. For four years, the pitch is a long period of time. In the four years ago that the Milan team beat Juventus in the game, Dechy Leo only one person debut in the game tonight, in addition the team was injured and Montolivo already for a long time is not playing Zapata. Since October, Milan has a wonderful reversal of beat Sassolo 4-3, then 3-1 away win over Chievo, these two victories to Milan and Juventus this traditional war finally in the years after the battle of king mountain again with the taste. The game All seats are occupied. of the San Siro in recent years is low in Milan for many years has not been met. And Locatelli’s opening to Milan’s high morale has reached an unprecedented height. Even before Montella said in an interview: "I know there are many of my players compliment but I will not be performed." But to win the game, Montella can comfortably accept congratulations from all over the world. After the game, the Milan team in the old Changan Ambrosini to accept the "Sky Sports" interview, said: "this victory allows us to see the fact that Milan is hard to beat!" And after the game, Galliani in the interview mentioned the fact that this victory is likely to be the last game of the Berlusconi era "the holy alliance" Derby: "the team deal will be finalised in November, so this is likely to be Berlusconi’s last Milan Juventus VS. In the past 30 glorious years, but has been waiting for such a celebration. Take a look at this game: it’s like the tradition of these years, on the pitch is the two team to win the most." "When Berlusconi bought AC Milan, the team had a good line and a lot of players. Now 30 years later, the story seems to repeat: This is the main Milan also has a large number of young players." Victory, young, passionate, from the top of only 2 points, Milan finally ushered back to the golden age of long vanished, the Milan and Juve compete for the champion golden age. Before the start of the game, the south stand played a substantial TIFO, but the text is simple: "I love you!" Yes, such a Milan who will not love it? (Sohu sports exclusive production without permission to reprint)