83National Research opponent Han Coach ready for 3 days and no difference between the 3 months (video)|National Research opponent Han Coach ready for 3 days and no difference between the 3 months (video)3

National football coach: 3 to study Korean rival days and 3 months no difference between 12 of the World Cup tournament will start and review of China national team in the battle against the classic international A-class tournament has 32 games, China team 2 wins 11 flat 19 negative, only 6.25% winning percentage, absolute disadvantage. In the Sino Korean War triggered at any moment moment, a kind of atmosphere called: we work hard, people walk. The Sino Korean War China painstaking research team: triggered at any moment despite the disparity between China and South Korea against the outcome of the World Cup qualifiers, take a single experience, Chinese team also completely fall leeward, so the Chinese team, to lay 12 battle, we must study the opponent, prepare seriously. The first is to spend more time in the camp, China specially adjusted the race super football association. There is not enough time to run the national team and tactics, certainly not. It was originally scheduled for August 3rd and 4 for the Super League twenty-first round, full is adjusted to June 15th, to the foot out of the 10 days of training time. During this period, in addition to training, every day Gao Hongbo players to watch the Korean team recent game video, hope to know ourselves. "South Korea style of tough, running positive, first we want to do the most difficult to prepare, especially in defence defense protection. At the same time on the basis of a solid defense, patience to find the opportunity to fight back. By watching the video of the South Korean team every day, we have a targeted study and preparation of the technical and tactical characteristics of the Korean players, the offensive and defensive habits." National security player Zhang Xizhe said. As for Gao Hongbo and the coaching staff is watching the video game for the South Korean team, the total plan, Gao Hongbo said: "because the South Korean team in the frontcourt mainly rely on overseas players, this is their advantage, and our understanding of these players is limited; South Korea defense personnel mainly from the super League, very well for us. So each other in the dark, we are in the open, which increases the difficulty for us." South Korea: three days ahead of time enough to start preparing for us in the early days of the 10 day, while the South Korean team has put a casual attitude. Last night, when China team arrived in Seoul at the same time, the South Korean team to focus. Only 3 days of training, even in the South Korean media that the South Korean coach Stielike a big, but Stielike said: "these 3 days is enough, in my opinion this is a game for 3 days and for 3 months is not much difference. Of course, to achieve better results, the team should be at least 3 months to practice together, but we do not have the time, Wu Zaishuo and Jin Minhe was selected for the first time, they may have to adapt." Stielike so arranged, is not completely unfounded. In July last year the East Asian Cup, when he took the South Korean team 2 to 0 victory over the Chinese team. The country has enough training in advance, but in the end still can’t beat South Korea team. Stielike said: "the level of the Super League has been increased, but the level Chinese player is not large, although the Super League teams are in the introduction of a high level of foreign aid, but does not need to worry too much." Stielike has a lot of ideas on the selection of players. Gao Hongbo is full of 25 players, and all to Seoul,"