83Lippi Zhang Yuning praised the evening runs J Luo Argentina midfielder bitch scolded|Lippi Zhang Yuning praised the evening runs J Luo Argentina midfielder bitch scolded4

Evening news: Lippi praised the weather forecast Zhang Yuning will run J Luo Argentina midfielder bitch scolded information before the evening, the first to bring the weather forecast for tomorrow. Snowfall in northern Xinjiang, northeast and Eastern Inner Mongolia. There is a heavy snow in the northern part of Xinjiang, some parts of the snowstorm. Monitoring shows that last 5 since 5, Xinjiang and Qinggil Fuyun rainfall reached 11 mm and 14 mm, is the magnitude of the blizzard.   tomorrow focus Preview: 08:00 NBA regular season Knight VS 09:00 Indiana NBA VS thunder 09:00 NBA regular season regular season champion VS   Toronto; Lippi: only Zhang Yuning knows how to play at the country foot excited details of > without the ball; > according to Italy media reports "Italy football", the national team’s main Chinese coach Lippi recently in an interview in Italy said that although he is 68 years old now, but I feel like 34 years old. The Chinese team has excellent players, but the level of the national team has fallen by 40% compared to the club. China’s hopes of winning the 2018 World Cup finals are unlikely, but not entirely impossible. Zhang Yuning physical quality and technology are good, is a powerful striker, he knows how to do without the ball, while the other Chinese players almost do not know how to do without state.   Manzano refused to let the Orangemen: only 12 match to immediate details > > coached Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shenhua’s Spanish coach Manzano published an article in the official website, China Football Association has put himself as one of the new national football coach candidate confirmed the two sides were contacted, but did not reach an agreement.   card; media batch team like Kunming fans: people don’t see any effort to fight the details of > > after the game, Qatar Castro sports television (ALKASS, Arabic for "Cup"), Qatar goalkeeper Saad interviewed village start of the game, "he said a very regrettable" and that even if the current of Qatar the team ranked fifth in the group, there is still hope of qualifying, because what may happen in football. Captain Hai Wei also said in the interview after the game, the team failed to play the attack on schedule, 1 points on the road than the total score is not good."   J Argentina midfielder sonuvabitch Luo cursed after loudly questioned the referee details > > the South American World Cup twelfth round, the Columbia team away from home, was bottoming out in 3 to 0 victory over Argentina, ranking is also ahead of Argentina, fell to sixth in the group, qualifying the situation is not optimistic. In this game, J Luo’s feelings is very impatient, after a Argentina defender Mercado violated, he is in the face of Detroit riposte: "you are a dog X! Son of a bitch!"   Chelsea in midfield or super old club on loan to TEDA foreign aid details > > the 2016 Super League season has ended, some;