82Guangdong Media the amateur game match-fixing because anger is a key event specification (video)|Guangdong Media the amateur game match-fixing because anger is a key event specification (video)6

Guangdong Media: the amateur game match-fixing because anger is the key [information] event specification U-11 25-2 super game exposure score player deliberately own goal – Guangzhou Daily reporter Xie Zekai Zhang Zhe, recently, a Guangzhou City, a folk youth football game "over" and "match-fixing" reports, attracted widespread attention and discussion. This reporter interviewed the person concerned with the matter. In fact, this is just a result caused by the "match-fixing event in anger". The game is up to 201 billion 600 million disputes hariken autumn cup national tournament, by the Guangzhou Yida football club host, rather than the previous network transmission by the Guangzhou Football Association Youth organizing committee. Guangzhou Football Association yesterday issued a statement: the event has nothing to do with it. The dispute occurred in the group U11 match of the tournament, a total of 8 teams participating in the tournament. After the end of the 4 day of the 7 game, from Shunde Guangdong young team with 3 points and 17 goal difference advantage ranked first. But in another game the team after the game, the first half of 1 to 2 behind the Dongshan small Ye team final score of 25 to 2 of the huge tikitaka team beat, 19 points to tie the young team and a 6 goal difference, win. Adrian, parents will have posted on social networking sites, attracted media attention. In addition, the young team and other teams were accused of over age players. The tournament had been held for many sessions, the purpose is not to compete, but also to provide a platform for the exchange of football lovers. In order to enhance the level of confrontation, the spectator and ensure the quality of the game, the organizers did not strictly regulate the age of players. In fact, U11 group of 8 teams were over age players, teams only need to inform the other team to advance. The young team won the game for the negative resistance young Guangdong team in an overage player, but "match-fixing" is not a matter for age, mainly because the young Guangdong team moves in the game is too large, some parents are very dissatisfied with the other team. Therefore, in Dongshan small Ye team and the tikitaka team, the tikitaka team who parents indulge children anger to negative competition, the purpose is not to let the young team to win, but the parents do not agree with the spirit of sports practice and draw further apart. According to one of the parents said, the tikitaka team in the second half have a poor clearance into the "goal", this is their own goal scored only one goal. The game in the Zhao Dayu football training base – Panyu Yida football club, Phyllis football club is the late Guangdong football legend Zhao Dayu’s best efforts to build the youth place. This "Wulitou match-fixing incident" occurred here, is a kind of injury to football, small players. The real problem is then extended out of the event, the Association tube do separation, folk games more easily under the condition of various events such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged, how to regulate and guide the folk games, has become the problem on.