816 thousand and 500 project money owed 16 years of the elderly to discuss arrears run motorcycle|16 thousand and 500 project money owed 16 years of the elderly to discuss arrears run motorcycle

1.65 million project payment is owed 16 years old to discuss arrears waste motorcycle run in July 2000, Shaanxi peasant education site will in Qianxian Xue Lu Zhen pan Zhou Cun was held on the eve of, Wang Deqing to undertake the pan Zhou Cun village greening projects. A week later, the project is completed, the farmer education activities carried out smoothly, and 16 thousand and 500 yuan of the project has been in arrears for nearly 16 years, and now, over 7 years old Wang Deqing just want to say. Finished work, when he was Secretary of the leading cadres transferred in July 2000, Shaanxi peasant education site will in Qianxian Xue Lu Zhen pan Zhou Cun held as pilot provinces and cities in the village, the village is one of the key tasks. To meet the meeting, where the pan Zhou Cun and Wang Deqing landscaping company signed the contract, of the village will be near the space for planting trees and grass green. "Was county Party Committee Working Group stationed in the village, before the requirements have to be ready, we worked overtime for a week, finally completion on schedule." Wang Deqing said, "at that time projects accounting for 16500 yuan, and agreed to after the completion of the payment, but did not expect this project shall be delayed for nearly 16 years." Wang Deqing at that time, the village committee and signed the contract for the written contract, written in a manuscript, because time is too long, manuscript has been damaged, but the contents of the contract is still clearly visible, which agreed projects the amount and timing of payments, and stamped with the official seal Qianxian Xue Lu Zhen pan, village people committee. From July 2000 to 2004, Wang Deqing with this paper contract, travel back and forth between the Qianxian, Xue Lu Zhen, want to recover this project funds, but have no results. Why don’t you pay for it? Wang Deqing said: after the education of farmers will be over, when the town’s leadership on the transfer, followed by the leadership does not recognize, the money has been dragging." "To arrears, a motorcycle ran waste" to confirm the existence of this debt, either dry county office director Yang, Xue Lu Zhen Chang Huang and a disc Zhou Cun Cun Wei will were Wang Deqing handwritten a proof, but so much that in hand, still to no avail. Pan Zhou Cun Cun Wei Hui that letter reads: June and July 2000, my village by the county Party committee commissioned contractors in Shaanxi Province farmer education demonstration village, when for rectification as soon as possible the village, the county sent work team responsible for lead Green Village Activity Center lots, the competent leader team leader and the town decided funded by the town green. In Yang and Huang in a letter of certification, can prove that the expenditure by the town government spending. "I want the money, the beginning of the 4 years in Qianxian County between the villages and towns do not know how many back and forth, a motorcycle ran away." "Yaozhang spend the money back and forth, than the project payment, I this year 70, the company shut, and the main is that this gas is not suitable," said Wang Deqing. The Chinese commercial news reporter, wrote the letter Huang is currently in a bureau of Qianxian County served as cadres, Yang in the county served as cadres. 22, Gan County Xue Lu Zhen chairman of the National People’s Congress Qu Zhenhua see proof of related materials, said Yang and Huang to the past is indeed the county cadres, the event after a lapse of too long, leaders have changed the sessions, they will as soon as possible things to understand clearly, a reply to the parties.