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Don’t sleep well, how to adjust the diet — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn night has been deep, but you are still counting sheep and, it is difficult to sleep? At this time may wish to adjust their diet to sleep well.  : first, fill up magnesium and calcium. "European journal Neurology" published research pointed out that in the deep sleep stage, calcium levels in the body will be increased, calcium deficiency may lead to inadequate or lack of deep sleep. The blood calcium level returned to normal after sleep will return to normal. Calcium can also help the brain to use tryptophan to create melatonin, so you have a good dream. Recommended daily diet to increase the intake of milk, green leafy vegetables.   in addition, North Dakota Human Nutrition Research Center found that magnesium deficiency can cause sleep disorders, and high dietary magnesium can make sleep disorders in adult women get deep sleep, but not easy to wake up halfway. Another controlled study confirmed that 1 hours before going to bed at the same time to add melatonin, magnesium and zinc, can make the sleep state of insomnia significantly improved. So, not all insomnia can use calcium and magnesium supplementation way, but calcium and magnesium may lead to sleep problems.   secondly, increase the intake of B vitamins. B vitamins can relieve mood, lack of vitamin B can cause emotional depression, lack of vitamin B easy anxiety, insomnia. The B family of white rice and sweet vitamin content is low, and the content of whole grain cereals is several times the white rice, eat whole grains is conducive to improve the quality of sleep.   suggestions for dinner every day to eat 200 grams boiled mixing or boiled greens. The dinner Steamed Rice for cereals, beans, can increase the magnesium and vitamin B intake. Every morning and evening meal every 200 milligrams of calcium and 1 grains of compound vitamin B.   once again, 3 hours before going to bed to eat dinner. Dinner do not eat too much, at least 3 hours before going to bed, but also need to do less oil less spicy less salt. Irritating food can cause excessive body excitement, sleep, and too much food and meat will increase the burden of digestion and sleep. Of course, hunger can also cause difficulty sleeping. If you eat less and worry about going to bed at night, drink a glass of milk or yogurt at 9 p..   finally, the coffee and tea. People prone to insomnia should limit the intake of caffeine, people who are sensitive to caffeine best after lunch, do not drink coffee and tea, but also not to sleep and drink a lot of wine. Alcohol can relax, but also reduce the quality of sleep, reduce deep sleep time, increase the number of nights awake. * (Juan Xu Xinyi, commissioning editor: right)