80Rooney bench look hi! As for Pogba’s fists Roar (Figure)|Rooney bench look hi! As for Pogba’s fists Roar (Figure)2

Rooney bench look hi! As for Pogba’s fists Roar (Figure) pre-season Rooney sina sports united against Leicester city match unexpectedly one-sided, reds played all-powerful like half of the game, the score of 4-0 basic advance announcement scored 3 points, but also completely destroyed the blue fox. Manchester darling, the broadcast will not stop to find Rooney on the bench, the United skipper not lost, has been celebrated for his teammates to score. The forty-second minute of the match, blind corner kick, Pogba point to grab before Fuchs rushed into the roof of the net, Manchester United to rewrite the score to 4-0. The broadcast after scoring soon found Rooney, saw the Reds skipper from the bench to jump, holding his hand clenched roar, then the side of Carrick and Ashley young applauded for his teammates to celebrate. Rooney is bogeba goal celebration see, although not a starter, but Rooney did not show a loss and not fast, but for the excellent performance of his teammates better, the United skipper still maintain a general demeanor. Before the British media speculation Rooney will be given up, now the Red Devils in the absence of Rooney played fast, the future United captain had a bad day. (Marco)