80Augusta to expand the cost of buying expensive audio and video store real estate|Augusta to expand the cost of buying expensive audio and video store real estate6

Augusta to buy video store expansion regardless of the cost of real estate price sina sports news Beijing on November 15th news, Augusta golf club for the expansion of land in the area continues, recently bought a local video store, and is at a very high price. According to the "Augusta Chronicle" (Augusta  Chronicle), Jay Music Center (Jay’s  Music  Center) in early 2017 in Washington Road, another part of the re location. The music center is located at the intersection of Washington and Backman (Berckman), has been working with Augusta for 25 years. "We have to move quickly." The video store owner Doug Frohman (Doug Frohman) told the "Augusta Chronicle" said. "It’s not the ideal situation, but thank God we have a roof." Fast move may not be the ideal state, but he also obtained the very good compensation. Although he did not talk about the terms of the contract to the "Augusta Chronicle", but the media exposed public records show that in October 13th a Frohman their estate was sold to Backman residential real estate limited liability company (Berckman  Residential  Properties  LLC), the price is $5 million 350 thousand, while the real estate company and Augusta association. From Richmond (Richmond) County real estate records, the 0.73 acres froman and 5600 square foot store selling price higher than the actual value is more than 8 times. He said his shop around Augusta to buy real estate behavior is the main factor to move him. "We don’t want to be isolated, even if we’re not a destination store." He said. Golf Digest reported in 2015 that from 1999 to 2014, it was estimated that Augusta spent $55 million to buy about 100 acres of land around the club. The land was used to stop during the masters, to be used as a reception area during the event, as well as to add new training facilities. At the beginning of this year, there are reports that the club wants to obtain the Amen Corner (Amen  Corner) a small piece of land around. This piece of land adjacent to Augusta rumors price of $27 million, after the transaction, Augusta can lengthen the iconic 5 pole hole 13. The news has not been updated, but the latest deal has been successful. If you go to Augusta next year, and you want to buy some audio and video products, you may need to go to the other side of town. (Colleen)