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8 kinds of food to help women delay menopause — food channel — people.com.cn original title: 8 kinds of food to help women delay menopause many people want their young more time, let yourself not so early menopause. Which can start from the diet, that is, often eat foods conducive to delay menopause. So what can women eat to delay menopause? What are the taboos of menopause diet? Women eat 8 kinds of food to delay menopause women, 1 fresh Vegetable & Fruit diet, fresh Vegetable & Fruit is essential, contains a lot of vitamin C in the fresh Vegetable & Fruit, it can effectively curb the rampant activities of free radical, thus delaying menopause women. So, women want to delay menopause, should eat more fresh Vegetable & Fruit vitamin supplement. 2, rich in high protein food in order to delay menopause, first of all to delay the aging of the skin, so in daily life should try to eat some of the food for the skin. The high protein diet can effectively nourish the skin, such as meat, eggs, fish, milk, soy products, protein content contained in these foods are very rich. Protein is one of the necessary nutrients for the growth of skin cells, if the regular intake can effectively promote the subcutaneous muscle fullness, so that the skin more elastic. 3, rich in vitamin E food experts pointed out that vitamin E is a magic weapon for female beauty and beauty, and in daily life, in addition to the regular use of vitamin E capsules, and in daily life but also pay attention to eat some food containing vitamin E. Such as sesame oil, wheat germ oil, peanut oil, leaf lettuce, butter, Cod Liver Oil, the content of vitamin E are more. Vitamin E can prevent subcutaneous fat oxidation, enhance the vitality of tissue cells, so that our skin more smooth and flexible. 4, soybean food soybean food is the best choice to eat what women can delay the menopause, this is because it contains a lot of phytoestrogens in soy products, they are of great help for delayed menopause women. Therefore, middle-aged women have to pay attention to, in the daily diet should be as much as possible to increase the number of soybean products, in order to delay menopause. 5, calcium rich foods for the prevention of osteoporosis, menopausal women should eat more high calcium foods, such as milk, yogurt, soy products, kelp, fish etc.. At the same time to supplement vitamin D, in order to enhance the absorption of calcium. The milk and fish, not only rich in calcium, and contain cholesterol. This is why every day to drink milk, eat fish 2~3 times a week for women, the main reason of late menopause. 6, the appropriate intake of fat containing food experts pointed out that more than four or five of saturated fatty acids should be added, in addition to polyunsaturated fatty acids, and unsaturated fatty acids. The effectiveness of these fats is to provide us with a lot of heat, while it can effectively protect the internal organs, as well as repair damaged tissue, so as to maintain smooth skin and muscle elasticity. Menopausal women should pay attention to, many foods contain healthy fats相关的主题文章: