7Wenzhou Land Bureau said charges to be renewed Department of misreading – Sohu news|Wenzhou Land Bureau said charges to be renewed Department of misreading – Sohu news

Wenzhou Land Bureau said fees to the renewal of the Department of misreading – Sohu News Xinhua news agency, Wenzhou City Land Bureau told Xinhua News Agency reporters said that property law provides that the housing construction land tenure expires automatically renewed, but how the automatic renewal renewal, the country has not yet introduced real implementation rules. Recent media reports, the collection of hundreds of thousands of dollars to renew the transfer of the information is a misreading of the information. Wenzhou City Land Bureau, said a number of Wenzhou urban areas in the early 90s of residential land use rights are facing the problem of renewal. Grass roots in the actual operation of the land sector in the process can not be based on, there is no basis to follow, can not handle the relevant renewal procedures, to bring inconvenience to the masses. In this regard, Wenzhou City Land Bureau attaches great importance to the relevant program has been studied, the recent report to the higher level of research decisions, properly resolve this type of problem. Wenzhou 20 years of the use of the right to use the residential situation, has its special. Nationwide transfer of 40 years of commercial and residential land and 70 years of property rights of pure residential land in the last century, the end of 90s, the problem will not focus on the maturity of the term. Property law 149th provisions: "residential construction land use rights during the expiry of the automatic renewal". But the automatic renewal of how to renew, the country has not yet introduced the relevant implementation details. Although the "maturity" in Wenzhou, the total amount is not large, but it is also related to the vital interests of hundreds of families. In the long run, the large amount of land use rights will expire in a few decades after the focus appears. If you do not plan ahead, ahead of the top-level design, the owner may lead to unrest.