7US officials Mr. Sarkozy’s approach to North Korea is very willing to talk to China – China News Net|US officials Mr. Sarkozy’s approach to North Korea is very willing to talk to China – China News Net

A senior American official: Sade into the North Korea only against North Korea are very willing and talks in China – the new network data figure: U. S. "Sade" anti missile system, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) March 23 reported, a senior official of the government of the United States said, the United States hopes with China held talks and discussion in the country is the United States wants deployed in South Korea "Sade" anti missile system to doubts. The United States for arms control and Global Security Affairs Deputy Secretary Gottemoeller rose Gottemoeller pointed out that the United States and the Republic of Korea has just begun discussion about the plan, and no decision has been made. Gaut Moeller told the media at a breakfast meeting in Washington that the missile defense system was deployed in South Korea is aimed at North Korea, not China. Gaut Moeller said: "THAAD is in fact only have the ability to defend the territory of its deployment, and does not have the ability to relate to its ability to relate to the region." "We are very much like and hope to have the opportunity to sit down with China and discuss the technical limitations of the system and other facts," Gaut Moeller said. But she did not give a timetable for such talks between China and the United States. North Korea launched a long-range ballistic missile, which claims to carry a satellite in February 7th, and the United States and South Korea agreed in March to hold talks on the "Sa" plan. China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, expressed concern about China last month, but it does not seem to rule out the possibility of a diplomatic solution. Wang Yi said that China understands the United States and South Korea to ensure their own national defense aspirations, but Beijing’s legitimate concerns need to be resolved. (Ren Meizi)