7The United States condemned the government of Mexico star I find the drug than they|The United States condemned the government of Mexico star I find the drug than they

American actress accused the government of Mexico: I than they first find the title of the original drug: Sean Penn said interview drug Guzman "failure": did not cause drug [global network roundup, according to the British "Daily Telegraph" reported January 16, reported that Oscar was Sean pan recently in an interview bluntly of Mexican drug lords Guzman interview failure is the move, because the interview did not cause people’s extensive discussion on the drug war, people’s focus lies solely with the prestigious actors and the notorious drug lords of magic meeting discussion. According to reports, Sean? Pan a few months ago in the Mexican jungle hiding and jailbreak fugitive drug Guzman has been met. In the first television interview after the meeting, he said he felt sorry for the meeting. He thinks himself as Rolling Stone magazine wrote articles about the meeting did not reach the expected effect, the reader does not brutality and corruption of the war on drugs given enough attention. "I was disappointed that the discussion of this article was completely off track, and I wrote this article to discuss the intention of the policy to lead people to the war on drugs". Sean pan also accused the government of Mexico’s actions to threaten his life. "Because I before they found the Mexico hunt held the power of the country’s most wanted, which makes them ashamed". Mexico’s attorney general said that Sean? Pan and Guzman will capture behavior in the face of great significance. "This is nonsense. They say nothing but hope that members of the entire drug trafficking syndicate can be arrested as soon as possible ". Pan denied that he had any relationship with Guzman’s meeting with Guzman, because their meeting took place in Guzman’s arrest a few months ago, the site is also different. Sean pan declared that it was not the Guzman he found, but that he was invited to meet with Guzman. He said: "the government of Mexico because find Guzman, after I feel shame, but the fact is, they’re the fastest, I can not so smart as they." He also criticized U.S. and Mexican government invested too much effort to search for Guzman, and don’t have to deal with many of the questions of the war on drugs. He said: "we put a lot of manpower and material resources are concentrated in this one person, but what is the use? There will still be people who died in the war on drugs." (internship compilation: Du Xiaofei review: Huang Qingyu) editor: Su bud SN226