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The spreading pattern of the new   the birth of new dream – Sports – people.com.cn January 30th, the team entered the closing scene. The same day, the Thirteenth National Winter Games in Urumqi, the Silk Road International Ski Resort ended. The newspaper reporter Wang Xiaguang photo scan two-dimensional code to see more snow, pine of the Tianshan Mountains, in the past 11 days witnessed the scene of snow and ice drama staged. Thirteen winter for the Chinese snow and ice left behind, is not only a number of "first time", but also to expand the development of the new pattern of China’s ice and snow, and breeds a new dream. Competitive level with the world standards on January 30, just in the Winter Olympics speed skating race won 3 gold medals in the Winter Olympics will champion Zhang Hong moved to distant Stavanger, Norway, in 2015 – 2016 season Speed Skating World Cup in Norway women’s 500 meters of the game, Zhang Hong again beat teammate Yu Jing won the championship. It is worth mentioning is that Zhang Hong in the World Cup winning score 37 seconds 82 than 500 meters of the two gun she 6 days before the Winter Olympics results also have to slow some. "The winter is a very high level of competition the next game, both Ke Xin fan, Zhou Yang, Zhang Hong, Wen Jing Sui Han Cong, world-class players, also emerged a number of good results, Hong Zhang, Ke Xin fan and player’s scores have reached the world level, national sports total bureau of winter sports management center, Secretary of the Party committee Ren Hongguo said. Ren Hongguo remark is not false, this year’s Winter Olympics, a total of a 2 2 times over a world record, three people three times a 3 national records, 1 1 a 1 National Youth record. Short track speed skating women’s 1500 meters finals, Fan Kexin and Li Jinyu scored both super world record. Figure skating man free skating arena, teenager Jin Boyang successfully completed 4 quads, more people are overwhelmed with admiration for. "Winter Games project level, is with the rest of the world," Ren Hongguo said. This winter, with the rest of the world is not only the competitive level, and tournament set items. The twelve Winter Olympics in the winter before the winter project and non Olympic projects is not very coordinated, less than half the Olympic project. Twelve winter, winter sport for ratio of up to six or seven, the winter a substantial increase in the Olympic project, to over 90% ", State General Administration of sports competition body, deputy director of the division of Sun Yuanfu. As one of this year’s Winter Olympics five reforms scheme, set the changes of the most is attracted close attention. Sun Yuanfu, in the Winter Olympics to set items together, is to better prepare for the 2022 winter olympics. This winter is the youth group game in the part of the project, is also the focus of the Winter Olympics in 6 years. "Obtain the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympics, we want to have a valuation to the their competitive level, winter is the best opportunity, and now young group of players after six years is the best age, from the performance of this winter, also played a team of players training and selection", Ren Hong said. Ice and snow territory from here expansion on the night of January 29, Hong Kong athletes Liang Yi in women’s figure skating single slip free skate won the second runner up from;