7The exposure of Suning open 7 million 500 thousand euros a year to introduce hot bird or dead – doum|The exposure of Suning open 7 million 500 thousand euros a year to introduce hot bird or dead – doum

Exposed Su Ning open 750 million euros a year invited doumbia introduction of hot bird or fizzled – Sohu Sports & nbsp; Beijing time on January 23, according to reports in Italy, Russia and other media, looking for foreign aid, Jiangsu Su Ning, the time and the eyeing the Ivory Coast international shooting hand, the 28 year old Saidu – doumbia. At present, the ownership belongs to the Rome doumbia contract, but was loaned to CSKA moscow. It is understood that Rome does not agree to renew the central army doumbia request, still hopes to sell its cash. Taking into account the doumbia and Su Ning had pursued gervinho is a Roma player. Therefore, doumbia may is Suning pursued gervinho failed after the alternatives. Related reports pointed out that Suning has officially to doumbia issued an annual salary of about 750 million euros of tax contract, while the Roman for doumbia asking price at least at 15 million euros, it is not clear what Su Ning will be made to respond. At the same time, Suning will face strong competition from CSKA Moscow and French giants marseille. In fact, Suning has long-standing interest in doumbia. Last month, there are rumors that Suning and Beijing Guoan, Shanghai Shenhua together launched a competition to doumbia, in fact, in the national security has not yet finalized last a foreign aid quota, still may become a barrier to the acquisition of Suning doumbia, but according to previous reports, Guoan 4 million euros a year invited doumbia joined, apparently unable to Suning 750 million euros and compared. Doumbia was born in 1987, height 178cm, is a fast, good striker qiangdian. Original in CSKA Moscow effectiveness. He has twice won the Russian super Golden boot and the best player award and attracted interest from Manchester United, Liverpool and other several club. Eventually, Roman Tesosenden, spent 15 million euros will be the introduction of its. However, poor performance in Rome doumbia, so the list of cleaning team. This summer, doumbia loaned back to old club CSKA after well again in the top. According to the German "market" website, worth about 15 million euros doumbia. (Mendieta)