7The 20 meter long dead sperm whale washed up on the beach town (map)|The 20 meter long dead sperm whale washed up on the beach town (map)

20 meters long dead sperm whale was washed up on the beach of the town (pictured), original title: 20 meters whales stranded in Rudong shoal beached sperm whale yesterday (14) early in the morning, Changsha Town Beach, Rudong County, Nantong city discovered a giant — a about 20 meters long, weighing dozens of tons of "big fish". The Nantong museum experts, this is a sperm whale washed up on the beach, in the dead before. Modern Express reporter Hu Juan yesterday’s strong winds, blowing a big fish." This afternoon, the netizen Marliss in micro-blog sun out a giant fish photos, causing a lot of attention. Through the photos can be seen, this stranded strange fish volume is very large. There are bold villagers initiative seeking photo, tall men fishermen around it is very small. Comments, netizens are the Colossus "shocked", we can not see what it is fish, also don’t understand it where, some people even suspect that fish are friends PS up. Modern Express reporter then contacted with the netizen "Marliss". She told reporters, when the world’s sea operations are almost all the villagers saw this shocking scene. "We are the first time to see such a big fish. I really don’t know how to deal with it — the tide to dealing with dangerous; high tide, fish are too big too heavy, not good." At present, the big fish is still lying on the beach. "This is identified by a sperm whale, has died on the beach before being washed." Nantong Museum Garden director Ju Weidong told reporters, Nantong Museum has sent 4 people group of experts rushed to the scene, ready to carry out follow-up protection work. Yesterday due to high tide in the afternoon, the group of experts will be in the morning to see the situation, modern express reporter will continue to follow-up reports. It is understood after Nantong has repeatedly found beached whales, for the minke whales, Nantong Museum even also rescues a living baleen whales, but sperm whale or first time see. Relevant data show that sperm whales are included in endangered species in the World Conservation Union ", is the Washington Convention level to protect the animals and the intestinal a called Dragon wipe fragrant substance is precious spices and herbs. Whale belongs to the deep sea animals, why will be stranded on the beach remains to be experts in the field investigation. Editor: Su bud SN226