7The 11 shot 20+7! James does not dispute these tell you what is team spirit|The 11 shot 20+7! James does not dispute these tell you what is team spirit

11 shots 20+7!, James Wong does not dispute these tell you what is team spirit knight team really soul in sina sports dispatch Cleveland Cavaliers 122-100 victory over the Toronto Raptors, called the revenge a month ago away game to defeat the opponent. LeBron James in the teammate of fiery sweet to get the shot right. Only in the third quarter end stage attack wave, the team establishes the victory. Eventually, he in 30 minutes and 41 seconds of playing time only a 11 hit (hitting the ball 7) to get 20 points, also for teammate sent out 7 assists and complete 3 steals. A recent period of time, have Cavaliers several wounded return, powerful at the same time, is also bound to face minutes and shot right allocation problem. In this regard, James early today in an interview said: "we are professional players, in order for us to become a great team, everyone has to make sacrifices. You may have to sacrifice your time, character, or anything else. But we have a common goal, is to win the championship. That should be the only thing that we have." James’s words and not only is said to those near section time playing time reduced veteran such as Mo Williams and Richard Jefferson, also he also uphold the idea of, set a good example. In today’s game, for example, when his teammates feel hot to continue to get the scores, he himself’d reduce shot, only the sword scabbard. Today’s game, the Knights of the team six people scored double, shooting up to 55.4%, three points is 33 shot 17. Among them, Kyrie Irving 16 shots 10 scoring 25 points, J.R. Smith also won the 17 shots, which only a third of the ball 14 investment 8, scored 24 points, Kevin Loew [microblogging] although feel bad, also won the James and 11 out of mobile phone will. And the season field were shot number topped the League second player in a team, even with three players in a game and gain more (or equivalent), which is a concept of what? In addition to the James team, it can not be imagined. But James obviously does not care about these, in fact, he is more willing to see such a scene, which is his heart, basketball should have some look. Because James Huang’s selfless, Knight everywhere today, let the opponent off guard, although the tenacious Raptors once the score pursues 69 square. But in the end of the stage, James Wong drawn sword, three and a half minutes even with 9 points, instantly opened the score to 90-78. This lay the victory. Prior to this, James in his first 27 minutes of playing time, in fact, a total of only 8 shots. In the fourth quarter, by James Wong simmer hot hand Owen and Jr frequently attack Knight leading advantage more and more, and their number one player. It is no longer necessary re appearance. Finally, the team successfully took a fully and delightfully victory. Although James himself couldn’t care less about data, but we finally still have to mention is: after the game, his career total steals several breakthroughs)