7Qu Bo formally signed a 35 year old veteran TEDA against the old – Sports – people.com.cn|Qu Bo formally signed a 35 year old veteran TEDA against the old – Sports – people.com.cn

Curvelet formally signed TEDA & nbsp; 35 year old veteran refused to accept the old – Sports – People’s network, the original title: formally signed TEDA curvelet refused to accept the old (Figure) yesterday was the TEDA coach Dragan headed to prepare for the first day, the veteran curvelet, is also a new beginning. According to the reporter, after the signing of the contract and work in the club, Qu Bo has become an official member of teda. "In fact, I have always had to go back to the effectiveness of Tianjin complex, coupled with the management of the club’s change, the new high total for the Tianjin children’s attention, so gave birth to the idea of my return to Tianjin." Finally the hometown team’s Qu Bo, in an interview inevitably some excitement. Since the TEDA team training to follow since, Qu Bo has always been the focus of media attention, but the team refused to interview with him. Yesterday, the team specifically notice, you can interview Qu Bo, obviously the two sides reached a consensus on the contract. "Yes, I have already signed up and teda." Qu Bo told reporters that join TEDA to him quite deep significance, his career last station can fall at his hometown club, which is over the years the biggest wish. Of course, as a 35 year old age, occupation can come up with what kind of state, is also the focus of attention of the outside world. Now there are many voices outside, think Qu Bo 35 years before joining the TEDA, is entirely to old-age. When it comes to the outside world these remarks, Qu Bo said: I said I do, you do not think so; you say I do not, I do not think so. The only way to test the truth is that I am in the training ground and the performance of the game, using my state and data to speak. This year to the new foreign teachers, my performance is more simple, OK and not to talk about the game. I will focus on the competitive state and physical state, this is my current job." Qu Bo said that he joined the purpose of TEDA is to contribute to the team, "I have to decide just training and competition on the field, outside the stadium. Unable to decide. There have many opportunities to return to Tianjin, but it is my only to enrich their ability. Has always been to Tianjin idea, many fans think I was older, back to Tianjin pension, I really want to say, is the mule is field suddenly take a stroll to see I was not a pension or contribute to. "