7Overseas network election do not kill malicious political after Taiwan Society|Overseas network election do not kill malicious political after Taiwan Society

Overseas network: "election" morang political malicious kill before the Taiwan Society of Taiwan’s election last a candidate TV debate after, the candidates out of politics is placed in the public opinion under the magnifying glass argue from the storm. People’s livelihood, on both sides, "diplomacy", what are their ideas and policies, the most concern. Democratic Progressive Party candidate Tsai ing Wen criticized Ma Ying Jeou "diplomatic truce" policy, said the cause of Taiwan’s "foreign" maintain "to see China face" and other words, blue camp strongly criticized, Tsai questioned if to regain Chen when the beacon fire diplomacy policy, will certainly to let Taiwan into turmoil. "War diplomacy" struck Shimachi Min nerve. In that year, Chen Shuibian in the "foreign" policy, Taiwan should be advocated in the international community, "everywhere" in order to fight for "international space"". In order to cooperate with this policy, the authorities also cooked up a "side of the country" theory, and wantonly on the island to the Chinese movement. In order to practice the "war diplomacy" policy, the main means of the DPP has two: hold the thigh and around the "money". Of course, Democratic Progressive Party own beautiful Rhetoric — is "for the space of Taiwan’s sovereignty", is "Taiwan dwarf". Such rhetoric is just accidentally put its inner package, the DPP has the idea of "Taiwan independence" show exhaustive. "The flames of diplomacy" had caused the Taiwan into the eyes of the world "troublemakers", almost ruined the hard won peace in the Taiwan Straits, to Taiwan’s economy and people’s livelihood brings pain. Is, therefore, it is not difficult to understand, Tsai ing Wen’s remarks why the island triggered "Democratic Progressive Party, if elected, will not put Taiwan jeopardy" hot. For a long time, every election, "Pro selling out Taiwan," dwarf Taiwan "such clubs will be take out the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), on top of the blue camp wildly volatile flurry. Blue-green battles, by voters tired during the campaign, is still not uncommon. Whether it is in the cross-strait policy or in the diplomatic policy, Democratic Progressive Party seems to or from time to time to come up with big brush to the blue camp wipe red ", smearing, bored. If only the election strategy of the small trick worth mentioning, otherwise it is against and against, do not ask for the wrong just to manipulate the unification of political malice for the vote, I am afraid it will consume the well-being of the people of Taiwan. "The nine" election, one of the main reasons is that the blue camp defeat the Ma Ying-Jeou administration’s poor performance. The DPP put it down to cross-strait policy, said the KMT is wrong in the mainland and go too close". In fact, in a sense, cross-strait policy is indeed a factor in the blue camp defeat. The Ma Ying-Jeou administration is wrong in the absence of the cross-strait policy of good rice boil into a good porridge. "With the mainland go too close to the" noise in the ear rings, slowed down the pace. On a good protocol economy dragged on, making positive cross-strait policy can not fully apparent, also failed to benefit the people on the island. Today, the DPP took "look, face", Ma Ying Jeou "diplomatic truce criticism", the confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits is exactly the same, hard to avoid stirring up smoke. "The flames of diplomacy" "money diplomacy", four arson, not only did not burn out the space, but the Taiwan approaching a corner. 2008, after Ma Ying-Jeou took office, 3