7NATO’s first naval warships to cope with the refugee crisis foreign media said the risk of facing th|NATO’s first naval warships to cope with the refugee crisis foreign media said the risk of facing th

NATO’s first naval warships to cope with the refugee crisis foreign media said the risk of facing the data map: the Canadian Navy, Toronto, the number of the escort ship. Foreign media said that NATO will immediately to the Aegean Sea sent 3 warships of the permanent second naval group, under the command of German in the region execution surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence missions, to control the influx of refugees and the fight against illegal immigration. According to the Spanish "ABC News" website reported on February 11th, NATO permanent second Navy group is currently located in the western mediterranean. After 11 at NATO headquarters held defense ministers meeting, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in a press conference announced that Germany, Greece, and Turkey’s request, "NATO members agreed will assist to deal with refugee and immigration crisis." Reported that Stoltenberg stressed that NATO will join the international action to combat smuggling and illicit trafficking in the area of Aegean Sea. NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe Philip and Bree deulofeu has ordered currently located in ships in the western Mediterranean region of three Navy group immediately towards the Aegean Sea, began to collect information, and "immediately" carried out reconnaissance and intelligence missions. Breedlove said that the NATO standing naval second group warships deployed in the region is currently owned by the German command, in cooperation with the relevant government, is responsible for the task of Aegean Sea reconnaissance and surveillance of illegal vessels. According to the voice of the German radio site reported in February 11th, NATO has decided to send a German led Alliance fleet responsible for monitoring the waters of the sea of refugees in the case of the operation of the vessel. Turkey will provide information on the interception of the information provided by NATO vessels, the fight against human trafficking organizations. 11, the German defense minister von der Leyen in Brussels attended the European defense ministers meeting was announced, NATO has decided in the German command in the Aegean Sea waters near the refugee action monitoring, the purpose is also to curb human trafficking group action. De Ryan called: "the most important is that we must act quickly." Reported that NATO’s decision is the basic principle of the decision, but also planning further details. At present, a German led NATO Alliance fleet is in the vicinity of cyprus. Attended the meeting of EU defense minister, Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels, said the ships now can commence action and began to collect information on human trafficking network group. He stressed that NATO fleet task is "monitoring, and not to stop the repatriation of refugees or ships". According to the news reports of politicians, before Turkey, Greece and Germany have agreed to jointly take military action. The plan to send ships to search for ships carrying refugees, and report to the Turkey official. The mission of the coast guard in Turkey is to stop the human trafficking operations on land, to intercept the refugee ships at sea, and to bring them back to Turkey. NATO fleet does not have the right to take action directly. Allegedly, Turkey is ready to take that NATO or face the threat of refugee ships to shipwreck. According to the Latin American news agency reported in February 11th, NATO announced a number of new military operations in the last two days, in order to expand its scope of activities. This is a traditional alliance for a military mission.