7National Tourism Administration the conditions of the region can be set up tourist police – Sohu new|National Tourism Administration the conditions of the region can be set up tourist police – Sohu new

The National Tourism Administration: conditional area can be tourist police – Sohu News Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhao Tingting) National Tourism Bureau yesterday issued on the implementation of the Circular of the general office of the State Council on strengthening the tourism market consolidated supervision notice], requirements around the tourism sector on the impact of the order of the tourism market of major events supervise the implementation of the accountability system. At the same time, the National Tourism Administration to encourage qualified areas to set up tourist police. "Notice" stressed to major events on the tourism market order affect the implementation of the supervision system of accountability. All regions and relevant departments to the tourism market order rectification and quality of service to enhance the work of the incorporated into the government’s assessment of the quality of work, improve the examination, interviews, accountability mechanisms and forced the relevant departments strengthen responsibility consciousness, improve the comprehensive law enforcement work enthusiasm and initiative. The National Tourism Administration encourage conditional area set up tourist police, tourism circuit court, commerce and Tourism Bureau and to conduct joint law enforcement, the implementation of the supervision and inspection of the tourism market, tourism disputes and other give business guidance. Localities to focus on supervision and inspection of tourism major illegal cases investigated and responsibility accountability implementation, the tourism market order over chaos, complaints from tourists to shall be investigated according to discipline the relevant units and personnel responsibilities and enhance the tourism market regulation effect.