7Luo Zhihua let the ticket prices rise flooded applause – Sohu comments|Luo Zhihua let the ticket prices rise flooded applause – Sohu comments

Luo Zhi Hua: open high-speed rail fares, beware of the "price" applause – Sohu review release high iron fare, not only justification, and is the trend of the times. Air, road, water transport fares have been liberalized many years ago, the railway passenger is still priced by the government, is not conducive to market competition. Liberalization of high-speed rail fare has a variety of benefits, it should win some applause. And there are up and down is the law of the market, the price is not equal to the price liberalization, there will be a line through the price to attract visitors. However, in the current context, if not to do well in advance prevention, may only rise not fall phenomenon, and even trigger a wave of price surges. One, for many years the railway system has been called a loss, there is a loss of profit impulse. Second, the market value is reasonable, mainly rely on effective competition, passengers want to vote with their feet, there are no two, market forces can not curb excessive price increases or unilateral price increases. Third, the railway is not only profitable, there is also a public welfare, and is related to the basic livelihood of the people, the impact of each family, if any price, the public will be damaged. So, let the high iron fare this is a good thing, but after the release of if does not strengthen the price supervision, resulting in "Zhangshengyipian", may become a bad thing. Release is not laissez faire, but by the government pricing in the past, into a government supervision and pricing. And compared with the direct pricing, supervision and pricing of the difficulty and workload, no doubt much greater, let go of the price is not to get rid of the burden, but the back of a more heavy burden. On the one hand, changes in prices need to have a reason to convince people. Believe that after the release of pricing, iron is not difficult to find the reasons for price increases, such as high operating costs, debt or loss needs to be digested, etc.. But whether the price and how to price, not the total iron a said, must be in accurate cost accounting as a reason for price increases and the standard, and debt and deficit how to digest, there should be a long-term strategy, unable to concentrate within a shorter period of time, so that visitors pay for total iron of the huge debt. On the other hand, all prices have to go through the statutory procedures, the full discussion and game. Can imagine, in the future before the price increases, hearing and other procedures will not be less. We need to establish a scientific and reasonable fare floating mechanism, reduce the randomness of the price increases, to dispel the concerns of the public.