7[inventory] Obama over the state of the Union speech mentioned 18 times 7 China – International – pe|[inventory] Obama over the state of the Union speech mentioned 18 times 7 China – International – pe

[inventory] Obama’s annual state of the Union address: 7 lecture 18 times mentioned China – International – the people’s daily, January 13, Li Jingrui Wang Mo local time 12 evening 9:00, has continuously served eight years U. S. President Barack Obama in the United States Congress: either at the end of a National Consultative Paper. In addition to the 2009: an informal state of the Union address, Mr Obama in 7 a formal state of the union, mainly focus on economic growth, and a health care reform bill, domestic issues. In this speech, Obama affirmed the results of his term of office, and expressed optimism about the future of the United states. In nearly an hour’s time, he mainly on the internal aspects of education, health care, fair education, paid leave, to prevent the child from the gun and so on. In his speech, Obama mentioned the achievements of the past seven years. Obama said that during the past seven years in power, the United States has been recovering from the worst economic crisis in history, and is reforming the health care system. Obama said, "I don’t want to talk about next year. I want to focus on our future ". He also said that the American States voters have been free to marry their chosen love partner. Obama also announced a plan for the prevention and treatment of cancer, by Vice President Biden. Obama said the National Institutes of health scientists now have the strongest resources in the past ten years, to engage in cancer prevention research. In terms of security, Obama said, to protect Americans and arrest terrorists is his top priority. He said, "base" organization and the Islamic state of the United States constitutes a direct threat, even if only a handful of terrorists do not value human life. They can also cause a lot of damage. A review of Obama in 2009 to 2015 state of the union, China topic has never been absent". Reporters combed found 8 times the 19 speeches of the Chinese Communist party. From 2010 to 2013 the official state of the union are mentioned China 2 times, 4 times, 5 times and 1 times. In 2014 the speech, Obama twice mention China, said to with China launched the competition of economy, science and technology, encourage the enterprises to accelerate the pace of innovation, 2015 speech is three times mentioned China, praised the United States reached agreement to reduce emissions is "historic". The about trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), Obama said the agreement will be 1.8 million kinds of products "made in USA" tariff reduction, "in terms of TPP, China does not have in the region set rules, and we do. In addition, when Obama mentioned the world economic situation and the influence of various countries, also used the "Chinese economy" and "Beijing (refer to China)". Combing Obama annual state of the Union speech content can be found is the focus of the economic reform and development, Obama seeks to establish a fair economic system, the development of domestic economy, reduce the deficit, promote employment, improve people’s livelihood. At the same time, Obama also focus on counter-terrorism issues and the solution to the world security. Here is your inventory main content and focus on Obama over the years, the state of the Union speech. 2010: Obama delivered the first state of the Union speech Keywords: to promote employment, reduce the deficit and restore trust 2.