7Hongkong Man online shopping gun possession of nearly ten thousand bullets were sentenced to 4 years|Hongkong Man online shopping gun possession of nearly ten thousand bullets were sentenced to 4 years

Hong Kong man purchase firearms possession of nearly 10000 rounds of ammunition was sentenced to 6 years in prison for four months in new network Beijing on March 18, according to Hong Kong "Ming Pao Daily News" website reported, claiming to be "gun lovers" of Hong Kong, a senior manager of the store by the beginning of 2013, many illegally from the online live ammunition back to Hong Kong. However, "a hill much in case of a tiger", the year before he buys firearms and ammunition. Defeated, was subsequently arrested. Earlier in the high court admitted unlicensed tube ammunition, possession of firearms and ammunition without a licence, and attempt to unlicensed possession of firearms and ammunition, and a total of 3 charges, this was sentenced to six years in prison for 4 months. The judge said that the defendant Huang Jianwei (40 years old) had no gun card, but the gun performance was found much higher than the statutory threshold. Although it can not be inferred from his telephone records that he intends to resale ammunition and firearms, but the record reflects, Wong is not intended to be for personal possession of the goods. If relating to firearms and ammunition fall into the hands of criminals or damaged by illegal use, will cause a high risk, the court cannot ignore among may be caused by the scourge, hence the sentenced to resistance deterrent punishment, to ensure that Hong Kong as the security. It is understood, Huang Jianwei year again online shopping of firearms and ammunition, parcel send to Hong Kong Airport airmail centre to send delivery Bureau, suddenly broken and fell out of the two bullets. The police then disguised as the postman, in accordance with the email address will be sent to the parcel after he arrested Mong Kok family branch. Subsequently from his home in bed found 33 rifle and pistol, and more than 9000 rounds of ammunition, the other found suspected resale of firearms records of the communication.