7Demi Moore Is Now @justdemi|Demi Moore Is Now @justdemi

Arts-and-Entertainment Demi Moore has finally brought an end to her split from Ashton Kutcher. The news became official when she changed her Twitter name, which used to be @Mrs Kutcher. The announcement that she intended to end her marriage with Ashton Kutcher came out by the end of last year. She admitted on Twitter that it was indeed difficult to find a name that was fun and playful. As she dumped her past username, she chose @justdemi, which she thinks would fit her best. The renowned Hollywood personality extended her gratitude to her five million followers for helping her to find a suitable username. It"s been six long months ever since Demi split with Ashton. Previously though she defended her stance of not changing her username; she said that changing the name was not that important to her and she questioned her followers whether she should stop tweeting until she changes her username. Demi suffered from exhaustion two months after she split from her husband. Ashton was alleged of infidelity, he was involved with a woman nearly half the age of Demi. Moore was earlier married to Bruce Willis. The marriage lasted for 13 years. She married Kutcher in 2005. She has also been reported of smoking something that is not marijuana but very much like incense. In January, a call to the emergency services revealed an operator informing about some convulsions that Demi suffered. Demi has bagged infinite success for her roles in "Ghost" (1990), "G.I.Jane" (1997), "A Few Good Men" (1992), "Indecent Proposal" (1993). She had also created waves with her cover photo on Vanity magazine naked, when she was fully pregnant. Among her most well known TV shows "That 70s Show" and "Punk"d" are most popular. She also replaced Charlie Sheen in "Two and a Half Men". Meanwhile Ashton has been busy finding a perfect match for himself, ever since he split from Demi Moore. He is in fact enjoying his single status and having a great time looking out for a suitable match. Kutcher"s humorous attempt to find love for himself is a slap on Demi"s face who is still recuperating from a breakdown which occurred immediately after the split. The ruptured relation left Demi helpless, while Ashton hanged on with men of same category looking for the love of his life. Kutcher insider however seems to be defending this mean act; there are reports that the comic video was simply for fun. Demi and Ashton have been in the limelight for quite some time. There love life especially there shares on micro blogging sites have made their love life an open book. Ashton had released a comic video for the World Wide Lovers Dating Service, where he played the role of different bachelors who were seeking love. Moore after a split from a six year old marriage has finally rebranded herself on Twitter; she felt a dire need for a new Twit handle, after she recovered back from rehab last month in April. Thus after all the pain Moore now seems to be coming terms with her new single status.. About the Author: