7Creative product suction eye Hongkong toy manufacturers main mainland market (Figure) – Beijing|Creative product suction eye Hongkong toy manufacturers main mainland market (Figure) – Beijing

Creative products ceiling eye the Hong Kong toy manufacturers specialising in the mainland market (Figure) – new network graph: this year, Hong Kong, many toy manufacturers for the first time in the Guangzhou Toy Fair. Ching-i Lu photo will be three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, rocking horses and climbing pad "triple a" aris pony, can take on the shoulders repeat you speak plush doll…… The 28th session of the Guangzhou International Toy Fair opened on the 8th, from the mainland, overseas and Hong Kong toy makers a "show" to sell a new product. Reporters visited more than and 10 Hongkong toy companies, more than half of which is the first exhibition of new faces. He Jianhua, general manager of the company in Hongkong, said the parents began to pay attention to the safety of toys and education, and the quality of the original and the quality of Hongkong products easy to find the market space. According to public reports, Toy Fair opening of the first day people are hurrying to and fro, both exhibitors and buyers are much many foreigners figure. Organizers said that this year’s new international exhibition of toys exhibition, exhibitors from Hongkong, Israel, Spain and other overseas areas are in the new degree of competition. The reporters found that many Hong Kong businessmen exhibitors toys to the original design, creative win. Hong Kong sent the company launched the aris pony, at first glance is ordinary rocking horse, in fact has been integrated common three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle, rocking horse and crawling pad, this "triple" design has won the Italy, the United States and Hong Kong Design Award. General manager He Jianhua said: this toy requires children to hand DIY. Compared with the ‘play that has’ toy and the proliferation of mobile phone games, simple and creative." She also admitted that this product is the first time for the mainland market, but still in the production of export quality standards, so the price is higher, hoping to break the quality and design. Hong Kong toy manufacturers Junshi company production of toys also main DIY and entertaining, for basic physics and mechanical product launch, the split components of wind generator, vacuum cleaner, luminous Christmas tree, and other small accessories, let the children understand the fan wing shape, photosensitive resistance, and other mechanical components. They also launched a funny "scary" plush dolls, you can use sticky buckle is resting on the backpack straps or clothes, a pinch doll tail can recording, the internal components of a doll recording through voice "repeat", can be used to "vindicate" or "tricky". In the face of this menacing Hong Kong and overseas exhibitors struggling to open up the market, toy manufacturers in the mainland also stepped up the introduction of a variety of intelligent toys. Company of Suzhou dream by AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) technology, introduced the combination of mobile phone app education products, including 4D Australian picture books, 4D flashcards and 4D mirror etc.. Reporter with mobile app scanning coloring of the doll, doll on the screen suddenly become stereo effect, but also with real background, physical interaction. "Smart Wangxing people" by the attention and a "smart Wang Pleiadian" machine dog were many buyers onlookers, machine dog can dialogue with people, understand the command action, singing and dancing showy even game, omnipotent. Through the eye region of the screen display "pet" mood, by dog paw shaped remote control walking directions and omit "leash". In addition, there are a number of toy manufacturers also introduced different main features of the toy