7Comparison of Korean drama burst domestic drama how to reflect|Comparison of Korean drama burst domestic drama how to reflect

Comparison of the Korean drama "burst" of domestic drama how to reflect on Thursday, Wednesday, the rest of the day is superfluous." This sentence is very popular these days — because the two day is a big day when the sun is descended from the sun! Recently, this drama is really a fire ratings "horrible", word of mouth guards, haven’t seen has nothing to do with the little friend chat! Even more surprisingly, the drama circle powder and countless fans, "poisoning" has been deep, a little wind sways grass can cause a great disturbance. For example, the network broke the child heart end users actually have tears: "we do not agree with the writer adults! It is well known that the "Korean wave" in China hot is not a day for two days the, from "Dae Jang Geum" "blue love of life and death" to the from the stars you "Korean, although no longer dominated the world, but still" burst "frequent, really let the practitioners who have a sense of inferiority. Domestic drama most of the reflection of what? This topic is an essay and a commonplace talk of an old scholar, is also very difficult to say clearly. We may wish to compare the descendants of the sun, first look at the issue of domestic drama. First, look at the production. South Korean media reports, "the descendants of the sun" 16 sets a total investment of about m6869 million yuan, unambiguous in production, part of the picture is comparable to film tracts. The popular U.S. drama, British drama, its production has strict to the harsh situation. In contrast, China, comparison of astronomical investment, to create a so-called "grand opera" have become commonplace, but the production cost of considerable proportion for star paycheck; in the production, part of the domestic drama is still on the scene, shot, special effects technology do not pay enough attention, average production level count is crudely made. After the Langya Bang "hot, costumes, props, lens and other delicate fastidious, won from — but in the domestic drama is rare. Look at the content. It is said that there is an unwritten law of the drama – men and women are generally in the eighth set of kissing. But the sun’s descent rhythm accelerated, the story of renovation, there are quite a lot of new ideas, only two sets to set off a popular popular. In recent years, Korean drama constantly self subversion, and constantly innovate, and its psychological control of the audience is also constantly advancing with the times, grasp the audience want to see what has become the basic skills of practitioners. Domestic drama? Finally not easy dwelling, crossing, and began swarming to old woman daughter-in-law relationship, parent-child theme, the drama imitates wind plot "is purely coincidental" same, rely on Star decorated facade became part of the drama of the biggest surprise! Finally look at revenue. Descendants of the sun, the sales price hit a record, while the play the same paragraph of goods also began to achieve fan economy". The domestic drama "preference" implanted advertising costs, as well as the continuous extension of the drama to raise social status". At present, 20 sets to the domestic drama has basically been "destroy" the — "lengthening" stories often slow, messy plot, even some good quality big drama "per set more", eventually "uncompleted residential flats", causing the audience crazy with. According to statistics, as early as in 2000, annual output of domestic drama exceeded 10000 sets; in 2012 reached 1.7 million sets, about 4 times of drama production in the same year. But at the same time, about half drama filming directly into the Treasury every year, resulting in 4