7Beijing xinfade market set a fair balance push integrity measurement in Beijing|Beijing xinfade market set a fair balance push integrity measurement in Beijing

Beijing Xinfadi market design push a fair balance measurement integrity "- Beijing Xinfadi set a fair balance measurement integrity" when it comes to the farmers market to buy food, many people are worried about Quejinduanliang, electronic scale measurement is not accurate. In the "3? 15" before the international consumer rights day, the Beijing morning news reporter visited the xinfade agricultural products wholesale market. It is understood that, in order to carry out the "integrity measurement", the new market in each trade area consists of 18 equity scale. Xinfade also and businesses signed the "integrity management agreement", businesses to market pay a certain amount of integrity operating margin, if the operator acts in violation of laws and regulations, market organizers will deposit take out advance payment to the consumer. 18 a fair balance do the nearest weighing in the past farmers market Quejinduanliang, electronic scales, the inaccurate measurement of complaints are common, especially dozens of yuan, 100 yuan a catty of aquatic products, Quejinduanliang can not a small number. According to the Xinfadi agricultural products wholesale market general manager Zhang Yuelin, Xinfadi market in the main location set up a fair balance. Among them, pork Hall 3, vegetables four Hall 4, fruit District 1, aquatic products wholesale district 1, bean sprouts distribution zone 1, seasoning B hall 1, seasoning C hall 1, beef and mutton hall 2, chilled seafood District 3, banana District 1, a total of 18 fair balance. Fair scale identification, management personnel, and so on are according to the "farmers market fair scale setting and management norms" standard implementation. Electronic fair scale is not once and for all, some traders will also make ideas on the electronic chip, market management Fang Hezhu field quality supervision personnel to increase the frequency of the check to ensure that the measurement is fair." Zhang Yuelin said market equipped with full-time metering management personnel, responsible for the market of metering management and complaint handling work; Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau staff will regularly to the market of pump balance calibration, and timely adjustments in the misnomer, protect consumers legitimate rights and interests. 2015, the market and the management of the retail stalls of a total of 501 checks, the market has said all qualified inspection. And businesses signed agreement to operating in good faith in order to better improve the good faith management, Xinfadi market and businesses each have signed the "integrity management agreement", the merchants legitimate business requirements and ensure that honest and trustworthy, fair trade. For example, the operator to ensure that does not store, sell fake and shoddy goods and trademark infringing goods, not false propaganda. Do not sell products that are detrimental to human health and personal and property safety. In addition, the operator must be on the sale of products shall be clearly marked, no impurities, shoddy, quejinduanliang. In addition to the signing of the "integrity management agreement", businesses must pay certain integrity operating margin, if the operator acts in violation of laws and regulations, the market will come up with integrity operating margin, first payment to the consumer, in order to reduce the cost of consumer rights. Zhang Yuelin introduced, the market also has 24 hours of complaints to report telephone, set up a complaint case, to facilitate consumer complaints and reports. For example, receive consumer complaints of goods Quejinduanliang, depending on the severity, warning confiscation, rectification and clear the market ranging from punishment. At the same time, the market also regularly carry out Lin