7Auden had two pairs of large kendiya longevity Beikong win the five game winning streak – Sports Soh|Auden had two pairs of large kendiya longevity Beikong win the five game winning streak – Sports Soh

Shouxing Oden cut large two pairs of Cartier guest Beikong Hao take five in a row – Sohu sports yesterday is Cartier foreign aid, Greg? Oden 28 year old birthday, he cut down 18 points and 15 rebounds and three blocked shots and help the team on the road to 120:116 beat becom. In addition, the horse is still small kendiya foreign aid Brooks scored 43 points?. Yesterday morning Caichang training after the end, foreign Vecino Vecchi as usual as the people gathered together, talked night need to pay attention to the details and cheer for the players. With conventional words, Odenla took Vecino Vecchi to the middle, and said to everyone, "today is Auden’s birthday!" Teammates have to send a birthday blessing, Auden said with a slightly shy: I do not wipe the cake, I do not wipe the cake." Teammates burst of laughter. Into the stadium, again in the face of the stout Beikong foreign aid Batista, "Shouxing" Oden did not timid and his excellent form. Defensive end can easily cover Batista’s layup, the offensive end can also across the opponent dunks inroads, even free throw percentage is also good. In the first half, Oden played just 11 minutes and 58 seconds, scored 12 points and 10 rebounds, two pairs of data, which has four offensive rebounds. At the end of the first half, Cartier has been leading 20 points. With 28 points lead going into the fourth quarter, Cartier mainly enabled small foreign aid horse is Brooks, offensive and defensive rhythm is still very fast. With physical decline, of the officers and men of the Cartier hit rate also decreased, opponents one after another hit back, difference was once reduced to 3 points. The last section, Cartier was opponent a from, fans joke: "look the ball needs with available Jiuxin Pill." After the end of the game, the team back to the hotel for Auden Auden, but his teammates naturally hide the cake attack". This morning, the team with five game winning streak to return to Zhenjiang, preparing for the home game. Modern Express correspondent Huang Chengyu