7Adu 44+14 thunder overtime wins New York 15 points out of muskmelon wave God (video)|Adu 44+14 thunder overtime wins New York 15 points out of muskmelon wave God (video)

ADU 44+14 thunder overtime Wins New York melon sidelined wave God 15 points [collection] thunder 128-122 Knicks Adu 44 + 14 wave of God every buckle Tencent sports January 27 hearing the thunder to the away game to challenge the Knicks. Eventually they after extra time to 128-122 defeated opponent, because of a sore left knee, Nick, core Anthony campaign absent competition. Click to view the field of technical statistics data thunder team Nicks Durant 44 points and 14 rebounds data 21 points and 5 rebounds and 5 assists Galloway, 3 assists Weiss Brook 30 points and 8 rebounds and 10 assists, Derek – Williams 19 points and 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 17 rebounds and 2 assists, Ibaka 12 points and Pohl Zingis 15 points and 5 rebounds and 2 assists, Durant 44 points and the field star Nicks: Durant sent extra data toughness stimulated Durant’s desire to fight, in the game, Adu has been supported by their own fire thunder offensive game, Adu sent the 44 points and 14 rebounds and 5 assists for extra data, he also became the third season to get at least 40 minutes 10 rebounds and 5 assists in the top two players, Weiss Brook and Jimmy Butler. At the same time, Durant NBA (career regular season + playoffs) score fiftieth times 40+, beyond mcgrady. Game reviews: after the campaign, Ibaka hit the jumper, Boer ferry guise immediately ejection to respond, both of you to I went to, God waves in this section 7 minutes left when soared in the third, both sides fights 13 flat. Wesbrook hit a jumper, but Tianjin Boer Regis across two complete fill deduction, derrick Williams for the jump shot hit, nicks once leading 4 points. Wei less fast break dunk, Durant even get 7 points, the thunder played a 9-1 campaign to regain the initiative. At the end of this section, the two sides form a stalemate, Mauro soared in three minutes after the first section of Harding Park, leading 38-34 Nicks. Time section on the back, the Knicks bench lineup energetic hit a wave of 8-3 offensive, Galloway soared in third, the Knicks will rewrite the score 42-41. In the time since then, the difference is still in millimetres wandering, Pohl Zingis in the outwire wind in the third, both again fights 53. Scene continued stalemate, Westbrook this section of the final stage even two goals, but Knicks magic still continue, Derek Williams facing tougher opponents shot hit into 2 + 1 and the end of the first half, the Knicks to 63-61 lead. The second half side battles, Durant and Westbrook have cruel buckle procurable, Pohl Zingis on the other end of the spectrum, made a foul made two free throws, two teams on the offensive end still form tug of war, Robin Lopez in this section 9 minutes 15 seconds left is cruel buckle procurable, the Knicks to lead 71-67. The middle of this section, the thunder had hit a wave of 12-2 offensive, Vitesse in this section left 5 minutes to hit the jumper, the thunder will rewrite the score 79-73. Thereafter the Knicks counterattacks full, at the last moment, Derek Williams and Galloway have soared shot. At the end of the third quarter, the Knicks to lead 91-88. Last, Nicks again played a 8-0 offensive, Galloway layup, Nicks 99-8 to broadcast