7A small lion sheep lead sister for a lazy sheep|A small lion sheep lead sister for a lazy sheep

The little lion into sheep lead sister cures a lazy sheep, the original title: the little lion into sheep "lead the eldest sister," Xinhua news agency after the end of Russia Primorsky Krai wild zoo sensational Hu Yang "Brotherhood", recently in a farm in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia staged a "crossover" friendship drama. A 6 month old lion named Martha became a group of lambs ". Martha is responsible for the daily help the master "says" those who sleep in the lamb. According to farmer Beck introduction, little lambs are not afraid of Martha, we are happy to play fast for 5 months, has not been a red face". Biro Baker, the Martha was give his friend, was only a month old, can not find suitable place, Biro Baker decided to put the Martha in the sheepfold next to the cage. But Martha helplessly Zhichizhiyao shed little lamb to play, it seems the mood is very bad. ByRO Beck think, why not let them together? Although the idea is a bit crazy, but for "innocence" of Martha and the lamb, he felt should not happen any "special" thing. To regain the freedom of the small lion finally came to an end with the Lambs "stall" across the day, around all day chasing sheep to rush, bored. It is the sheep, since Martha entered the sheepfold, never lazy to sleep. Every time he lay down, Martha would run and say "hello" to them. But the lambs were not afraid of Martha, and Martha had never hurt them. But Beck also said Martha Biro, with partner and sheep age, they still have to be separated. "Martha needs to learn to be alone. It’s going to live like a lion." He said. Editor: Joe SN098