79The HSBC Champions Matsuyama Hideki half ahead of Zhang Xinjun Mike Roy T7|The HSBC Champions Matsuyama Hideki half ahead of Zhang Xinjun Mike Roy T77

The HSBC Champions Matsuyama Hideki half ahead of Zhang Xinjun Mike Roy T7 (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time on October 28th, before Japan’s young players Matsuyama Hideki several times in the WGC-HSBC champions, the results are not ideal, in addition to the two time to retire early, and once was tied for forty-first, because of this the reason, he wanted to transform an idea, try to find the fun from the game. This strategy worked at least for the first two days. On Friday, he caught 9 birds, including nine holes of 5 birds, shot 65, with 131 bar (66-65), par 13, is located in the Sheshan International Golf Club leaderboard, enter the weekend ahead of the pack of 3 bar. The defending champion Russell Knox caught 5 birds, swallow 1 bogeys, shot 68, and Haas’s Bill (67 bar) tied in second place, the score of 134 bar, par 10. Another former champion Francesco Molinari (Francesco Molinari, 2010) for bird in the last three holes, shot 69, and staged the first show of the world championships in England 43 year old veteran Richard – Brander (Richard Bland, 68 bar), American Daniel Berger – little meat (Daniel Berger, 70 bar) are located on the fourth a score of 136 bar, par 8. Zhang Xinjun is still the leader in China, although Shuangbai in the bottom second swallow bogey hole, he shot 69, Roy Mike and the world third (66 bar), Ross Fischer (68 bar), Paul Casey (70 bar) tied in seventh place, the score of 137 bar, par 7. Matsuyama Hideki the last three games in the top five, including the Japan Open victory and CIMB elite runner up into this week, he became the fourth world ranking top ten Japanese players breakthrough. However, his memory in Sheshan is not very good, and today in the practice field, he saw the day so cold, and the wind blowing, feel below par 2 is a good number of rods. As he expected, the conditions of the game is really difficult, not only the wind, and rain, the temperature has become very cold. He went out to swallow bogey, but then the two hole, he even caught two birds bounce back. Then seven hole (12 feet), hole number (3 feet), he also caught two birds, although the hole to swallow the bogey of the number nine, after which he did not throw the rod. Matsuyama Hideki, 10, made a very nice shot, and he made himself a bird of 3 feet. Hole 14, hole 18, the two hole of the five, he caught the birds are very easy, all in the 3 feet, then firmly control the leading position. "I’ve been playing very well lately, but it’s really beautiful today." Matsuyama Hideki said, I played very well in the second rods, pushed into a number of push rod, which is the key to my score round." 24 year old Matsuyama Hideki now