79Super – Shenhua 0-0 Guoan, season unbeaten home court – Sports Sohu|Super – Shenhua 0-0 Guoan, season unbeaten home court – Sports Sohu9

Super – Shenhua 0-0 Guoan, season unbeaten home court – Sports Sohu Beijing time at 19:35 on October 26th, in the twenty-ninth round of a focus of the war game, Shanghai Shenhua in the Hongkou football stadium against Beijing Guoan letv. The first half, the game was subdued, Yu Dabao Dianshe was rushed, then he fouled yellow; the second half, Yang Zhipu ball to get rid of nearly gifts, Martins missed the pole, Li Jianbin red. Finally, Shanghai Shenhua home court 0-0 draw with Beijing Guoan, due to the Hong Kong round to win the Shenhua, down to fourth, the national security is still ranked fifth. The game Highlights – out effects of foreign aid, Shenhua offensive efficiency is low, because guarin and Moreno has great influence on the Shenhua offensive – the 1-1 home court dragon, let Shenhua home court record into 9 wins 6 flat unbeaten season, home court – Blackburn Guoan turn from a guest into a host, a slight advantage, Shenhua goalkeeper Li Shuai sound play clean sheets – the Beijing Shanghai derby is still popular, at the last moment on the field of repeated clashes, Li Jianbin was sent off for replay for fifth minutes, Zhang Chiming outside the restricted area to try a foot higher than the long-range goal. Twelfth minutes, Zhang Chiming left xiadichuanzhong, Yu Dabao after a volley volley was Li Shuai saved the door line. Eighteenth minutes, Augusto before the top of the arc from the left foot low shot, Li Shuai fell to the ball will fall. Twenty-first minutes, Yu Dabao tipped Wang Shouting to eat near the midline of the game’s first yellow card. Twenty-sixth minutes, Sergeyev restricted the right pass volley inscribed teammates shot higher end. Fiftieth minutes, Du Mingyang on the right from the ball, Li Shuai attack errors, Sergeyev header high. The fifty-second minute, Augusto long-range free kick, the ball has a bomb in front of the door, Li Shuai throws the ball sideways to the bottom line. Fifty-eighth minutes, Sergeyev outside the restricted area low shot out. Sixtieth minutes, Yu Dabao right horizontalknock, Zhao Hejing ball burst into the area after the deduction Qinsheng low shot angle is too much confiscated by Li Shuai. Sixty-ninth minutes, Shenhua right attack, bear fly keep up with the shot, Yang Zhi dropped the ball and go straight to the goal, Yang Zhi rapid response in the ball crossed the goal line before the ball will be rescued. Seventy-ninth minutes, Zhang Chiming cut inside the left low shot was saved by Li Shuai. Eighty-sixth minutes, Martins steals after single face Yang Zhi from far angle was saved, then Gaudi’s follow-up failed to create a threat. Eighty-eighth minutes, Li Jianbin deliberately pushed Sergeyev triggered the conflict, he was also the referee booked. Ninetieth minutes, a conflict broke out again, Bai Jiajun deliberately kicked Li Hanbo, then on the outbreak of the conflict, Li Jianbin was shown a second yellow card penalty. The end of the game, Shanghai Shenhua 0-0 draw with Beijing Guoan home court. Shanghai Shenhua lineup: Li Shuai; Li Jianbin, Jin Jixi, Xiong Fei, Bai Jiajun; Qin Sheng, Wang Shouting (68’Gaudi), Lv Zheng Zhang Fu (80′